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Public Transport

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by awseome, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. Hi all, recently for the first time caught a train from Nunwading to city, was shocked with the ticket price.. its $10.60 for the day. so i did a bit of research,

    and this is what i came out with, Riding the bike to work everyday is cheaper if compared to the costs of an annual "discounted" ticket, by $100.00 including the Rego and wear an tear thrown in to the cost of running a bike over the same period, it also depends on what you are riding tho, the litre boys may find it a bit more expensive. if i throw in insurance and stuff i would pretty much sit at an even cost or few $$$ more, plus i have the convinience of my own wheels, though i battle the weather gods of melbourne on a constant basis, but still better then being crammed in a tin shell.

    so ride people ride.. save some $$$$$ and have fun on the way.... and back.

  2. You're in Melbourne - you ride because your public transport is more expensive.

    We're in Sydney - we ride because our public transport is shit.
  3. But it is cheap...

    By the way from what I can see a yearly ticket from Nunwading to the ciity is $785 seems cheap enough to me???
  4. I ride because public transport is non-existent. I could train it but that would turn a 20min ride into a 60min wait that costs more.

    Then again I'm in a regional area and don't suffer parking and security costs.

  5. http://www.connexmelbourne.com.au/index.php?id=63

    this is where i got it from. are you talking concession fare???
  6. umm its actually shit and expensive..
  7. It's actually shit, expensive and non-existent. Go state gov't! Three for three!
  8. If I were to catch public transport to work, it would take over an hour each way and cost $10.60.

    If I were to ride my ZZR-250 to work, it would take 30-40 min each way and cost $10.80 (36 km * 30 cents / km). The 30 cents / km takes into account rego, insurance, depreciation, servicing, parts, tyres, fuel. Ignoring fixed costs, this falls to 25 cents/km.

    No secret which way I choose !!!
  9. yeah +1 to all this bagging public transport stuff.

    I pay about $20 per fortnight in fuel ($10/week), + about $13/week for annual insurance (amortized over 52 weeks). So as far as "running" costs are concerned (neglecting wear and tear / depreciation), $23/week compares favourably to the $38 for a red weekly travelpass, and also 25 min off peak / 40 onpeak on the bike compares favourably with 80min off peak (incl wait times) and 60min on peak travel times on public transport.

    On peak is much of muchness, but off peak when services to my area are limited is when the bike is a real life saver.

    I'd be happy to use public transport if it did not suck
  10. Melbourne Public transport is the reason I commute on a Motorbike.
    It is absolutely woeful
  11. /thread.

    Honestly, I think this is the case for most of us. If it did not suck and went to where I worked, it would be a non issue. Interestingly enough, if all the rail lines that had been promised over the past 20 years had been built, both of these criteria would more than likely be met, and I would catch the train every day.
  12. +100000000

    i did kings cross to parramatta for 3 yrs by train. that blew beyond belief.

    you have those cute trams in melbourne. we have gangs cruising trains here.

    but, and its a big but, the manly ferry is soooooo the best way to get to and from work! crack open a beer on the outer deck on the way home on a friday nite.
  13. quoted for truth, although I thought they shut the bar on the manly ferry? Maybe that was just the midnight trip.