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public plea - stop crashing

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Blodders, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. People... can we please stop falling off our bikes...
    we where doing so well and in the last week it feels like there has been a sudden flood of people throwing there lovely bikes down the road...

    CUT IT OUT!!

  2. there is nothing we can do about it blodders me old mate... it goes in cycles :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. In the words of thedragonreborn:

    "Stop crashing people!!!".

    Who then binned it soon after...
  4. Ok- if you insist- i'll try my best to never fall off again! Promise!
  5. Winter: rain and cold tyres.
  6. But soon..
    Spring: Everyones excited that its not raining so much and go a bit too throttle crazy.. and crash
    Autumn: Leaves... crash
    Summer: Dehydrate and die.. crash

  7. Wait wait wait

    It almost sounds like you're trying to imply that motorcycling can be dangerous ALL YEAR ROUND and we need to be careful ALWAYS??? :eek:
  8. you reckon it's bad now.... want for spring when 95% bikers drag their bikes out, and think they can still ride as good as they could at the end of last summer :roll:
  9. That there is some wise advice Ed. Cheers mate :) :LOL:
  10. i'll do my best, no promises though ;)
  11. It's funny because we all know what you mean..... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. When my arm heals well enough, When i can get my 250 cc baby back on the road, I can guarantee you and everybody else, I will try not too crash, drop, fall off my little black bike.......ever again...Liz.. :grin:
  13. Yes well I've given up crashing, so no need to worry about me. Still, I don't remember ever getting on a bike and saying "I'm going to crash today"....

    Barn - I'm south Gippy born & bred, where ya from?
  14. lol@shifty. i used to dot he same thing. wake up, suit up, walk out to the bike and after a long staring conest tell it "screw you, im gunna throw you down the road for looking at me like that!"

    in reality, i think the wet weather is the main cause.. maybe the cold, lack of visibility, and dickhead drivers as well. even driving the cage ive found that the fcuktards (thanks brij :) ) who normally catch the bus prefer the warmth of their own car andd hence more people that shouldnt be on the roads are.
  15. i guess it cant be helped because of the weather. it was not as cold last yr this time round and also shit happens. no1 wants to fall mate
  16. Yeah what a biatch that was, stupid imported bikes.........