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Public Pee

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jd, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. Try and make it home in time

  2. Only use public toilets

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  3. Use the side of the road if it's quiet

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  4. Go wherever I damn well please

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  5. Pretend that leathers are a wetsuit, stopping only slows you down

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  6. Ride a BMW, so already have the appropriate undergarments

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  1. Guess this one is mainly for the guys (although I'm not sure about some of you women that ride :LOL: :bolt:).

  2. lol jd... Yesterday I was pretty busting- had been trying ot hold on till Alexandra but it wasn't going to work - pulled in at Lake Nillacoohtie reserve and rode right up to the toilets in the middle of the picnic area. Thank God it was foggy as hell, cos if anyone had seen me they would've done a double take. :shock: :LOL:
  3. I get quite annoyed if circumstances force me to use the "white man's toilet."
  4. 3 foot of hose and a rubber band.

    Also works as an "oil slick" spreader when being chased by cartoon bad guys...
  5. side of the road generally, thank god i am a bloke.... got a great shot of my bike stopped ou tthe back near erica/rawson area and in the distace is yours truely watering the bushland :LOL: :wink:
  6. I recollect being photographed exercising the outdoor option on the Three Points Ride :-w
  7. Boasting huh? Guess people call you tripod? :rofl:
  8. I ride a big bore single, peeing is not a choice, it just gradually dribbles the entire ride from the nasty vibrations.
  9. You must be riding a Pee Wee :LOL: :LOL:
  10. road workers dont get stage-fright ;)
  11. ok joel,

    now go find out if ballet dancers do
  12. i can typically hold on for hours where necessary. maybe the increased discipline we need in this area of our lives explains our capacity for discipline, sacrifice and quiet suffering in a whole range of other areas too! :p
  13. been known to go in many a strange and/or public place.

    And before you ask on our next ride, NO i dont care it's a public place and people can see me.
  14. Here's a related question that did the rounds at my local a few years back:

    Do you need to be peeing 'against something'??

    Fr'instance, alot of blokes say they've got no problem peeing in a public place, but still need a wall or a tree or something to go against, whereas others (me included) are perfectly happy to stand in the middle of a school oval and just spray into the wind...

    So, what are you??
  15. Any where's good s long as it's not in too the wind :p
  16. i can hold it in for a week... hence BLADDERS
  17. I need to be hitting a target
  18. I own dogs..... territorial pissings are just part of every day to me.....
  19. isnt that part of being married too?

    i was the one who voted use leathers like a wetsuit :p