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NSW Public Audit on Speed Limits - What sections / roads would you suggest?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mav, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. http://www.caradvice.com.au/124053/...ask-nsw-drivers-their-opinion-on-speed-zones/

  2. If this was in Victoria I would say all of them.

    I would also require an audit of signage, since it is common to drive on roads in Melbourne and not see a speed sign or know what the limit is for kilometres, despite speed cameras being in place on those unsigned stretches of road!

    I say put the limits back up, redesign roads to support the speeds (or put them back the way they were) and police bad driving much more. Before Citylink many suburban roads easily supported 60 or 70 Km/h limits, but the government made an agreement with Transurban on traffic volumes for Citylink, so the state government and councils redesigned roads to force commuters to use Citylink. Now some of those roads are only safe at 40 Km/h or less, with tram stops that take up more than half the road, and encourage people to walk across the only lane available to cars at a whim.

    I'm sure it is the same in NSW. I hope this study does some good for you guys.
  3. IIRC, King George's used to be 80km/h all the way through.
    It now alternates between 60 and 70, with a couple of school zones thrown in for good measure. Of course, these are strictly policed by various speed/red light/safety cameras.

    I just hope they don't decide that "to make things simpler", the whole thing should be reduced to 60 (or worse!).
    I mean, nobody believes limits will be increased, do they?
  4. Bump

    Cameras not cash cows: NSW auditor-general ~ source.

  5. There is a good article in the latest 'Wheels' magazine about this. Apparently the new transport minister for NSW is an avid motoring enthusiast and is doing a review of all the safety strategies, speed cameras etc. as he thinks they are wrong and the people are sick of being cash cows.
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