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Pub recommendations for over the top?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by jrk36, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. Ok, GTR1000 purchased and will set off from Brisbane to Broome on 27th October.
    Roscoe advised of a good spot in Barcaldine (Shakespears). But, any recommendations for cheap accomodation in Roma, Mt Isa, Tennant Creek, Katherine, Halls Creek?

  2. Mt Isa has heaps of places to stay and the caravan parks are well priced. Mt Isa has a heap of places to grab some good food and restock your supplies. There's an information centre on your RHS as you ride into town (heading West) - They'll set you on the right course if you can't find your way round. There's a decent lookout near the race track that gives you a good view of the area for miles.

    Tennant Creek is a bit of a rough joint so be sure to stay in one of the camp grounds there too. IIRC, there is an IGA store on the main street just near a BP servo. St Marys dam was a good, quiet place for a swim too.

    In both places, the Aboriginals account for a lot of crime so be sure to have everything locked down and parked in a busy area. Keep all your valuables on you.
  3. Thanks - that's certainly advice I'll take on board.
    John - at the KL MotoGP :)
  4. Any of the Pubs in Roma should be good for a feed, it recently has had a bit of money spent on the main drag, but i think it lost a bit of its charm. There isn't a shortage of accommodation in roma, but be warned it can get bloody cold there overnight for seemingly no good reason. Don't eat at the Bowling club. I used to Favor the Queen of arms hotel, but its now an irish pub. THere is a good bakery on the main street. The pub near the railway is/was good for accom and meals.

    Might help reading this. This article, not sure of the age of the article. We used to climb the oil rig when we were young.

    Roma to Mt Isa is a bit longer to travel than a map would make you think so factor that in as well. Maybe look at stopping earlier at Longreach.

    PS. don't mess with the Bottle Tree's.