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PTW's + Tailgating don't mix

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by POPEYE, Sep 8, 2014.

  1. After seeing a young rider run into the back of Taxi today, just want to remind all new riders to Stop Tail Gating!!!

    Your bike won't stop as fast any four wheeler! At least not with you in control....

    So don't do it, plus you will increase your vision if you leave your self more room.....think 3 second rule!

    Use speed & over taking to place your self in a position that gives you plenty of space instead of sticking to someone butt!

    Its new and exciting for you, but its not a race out there either

    Stay Safe guys!!!!
  2. Theres one other thing I want to add.


    I've been on the way home more than once at night and noted bikes with the only rear illumination being the numberplate light. They were nearly invisible.
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  3. I hate when riders tailgate my car. I end up driving with one eye on the rearview mirror.

    Then if I have to stop in a hurry for whatever reason, I'll end up in a near-miss thread on here as the fcukwit cager lol
  4. Related tip: If someone is tailgating you, try to leave yourself extra braking room in front. That way you (hopefully) can brake a little less abruptly and give the tailgater a chance to catch on.

    There's no such thing as too much space :p.
  5. If someones tailgating you, chance are they will be driving in the right hand side of the lane so that can see beyond you. All you have to do is also move to the rhs of your lane to restrict their view and shit them.

    If they continue, test out their reaction time... and hurl plenty of abuse and offensive sign language as they fly past you on the left.
  6. When that happens I usually slow down a bit and stay in a dominant lane position, generally gets people to either slow down or overtake me and either way I now have plenty of space behind me :). Don't see the value in brake checking something which weighs ten to twenty times what I do.
  7. I prefer to move out of their way, but if I am stuck on a freeway in a road train I allow more room at the front, then when the road train finally gives way to me I overtake up to 20kmh + (95% of drivers are not willing to cruise 20kmh+ ), if he is willing to go faster, I simply give way to him & pull out of the fast last, if I have overtaken all the slower cars that have given way to me, I pull into the slow lane anyway.

    Driving / riding freeways on a daily basis, that is the general etiquette, however you will still get tailgated, but you will get tailgated even more when you are hogging the fast lane & there is no one holding you up.

    There is no point playing asshole & brake checking people, you are just inviting trouble.....get into any legal troubles in this country & it will cost you thousands & alot more irritation than being tailgated

    Btw none of this applies on a bike if you are willing to bend the rules abit
  8. Do not mistake what i have said to apply whilst on a bike. I would definetly not do that on a bike.

    I do brakecheck some c@#ts when there is heavy traffic, nowhere to go, and pricks tailgate. If i were to move, theyd end up one spot ahead and be doing the same thing. If traffics flowing somewhat, id do exactly as popeye said.
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  9. You dont need to be able to outbrake a car on a bike when tailgating as you can always just lane split.

    This is an advanced technique not for noobs.
  10. Lane splitting? What's that about then? Are there any threads about that VC?? ;)
  11. Damn i should have used filter