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Psycic? Clairvoyant?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Paulstar, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Anyone get their future checked out by a "professional" thoughts on the matter?

  2. I predict you will get many and varied answers to this question.
  3. you sir, are an idiot!!! :rofl:
  4. Are you trying to build up a list of people to PM about helping you get your hands on your Nigerian inheritance?
  5. +1
    They're always full of excuses whenever anyone tests their outrageous claims..
    About the only thing you can be sure of is that you'll walk out the door lighter around the wallet area. Those crooks can read the aura around a wallet from half a kilometre. :grin:
  6. Many people who go claim they're surprisingly accurate etc
    But the thing is a scam. I think some of them genuinely believe in it, and just do it subconsciously.

    Having said that, if you just wanted to pay a stranger and talk to them about your life for a bit, you could possibly pick worse :]
  7. I predict that if you see a psychic or clairvoyant you will waste your money. Actually, I'll even guarantee it.

    They are charlatans, the lot of them. There isn't a shred of evidence that anyone is psychic or clairvoyant.
  8. It's all hocus pocus....

    They can tell you anything generic that will happen to anyone....
  9. cheaper than a counselling session :)
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    Derryn Brown's always entertaining, and has a good bit on this

    I actually do have a tarot deck, and am a very skillful beer drinker, so if you come down to Melbourne with a slab I can sort out all your problems past present and future :]
  11. Actually the World Union of Psychics, Seers and Necromancers were due to be holding their annual conference in Sydney next month

    but it was cancelled due to unforseen circumstances......
  12. hohohohohoho
    (that's actually laughing but at a dad joke :]
  13. I've been to quite a number of psychics. I used to get very "wowed" by what they said. To someone who's predisposed to believe that the person is possibly psychic, the information that you are fed can seem very compelling however, if you rationally dissect what you have been told you will find that the statements can easily apply to a very large population sample.

    I won't claim that there is no psychic on the planet but I will say that any that I have come across have not given me any good reason to believe that they have supernatural powers. Of course when I was predisposed toward belief in their powers I did think that they had special gifts but lost by belief after I honestly examined the evidence and questioned my reasons for believing what I believed.

    and might i just add that cold reading is ALOT of fun to do when you practice it a bit! I've convinced quite a number of people (mostly women) that I am psychic haha. There very well might be someone out there with true psychic abilities but I have to say its incredibly easy to fake. People actually think i'm more profound now that I bullshit my way through the dialogues then when I actually tried to improve my psychic powers genuinely.

    Go figure... the charlatans have an easy job
  14. My psychic comes highly recommended. Always gives me the right answer.
  15. I cant think of a good reason why there can't be any. More particularly voodoo people than psychics, but all the same.
  16. What is worse than psychics pretending to read your future are the ones that tell you about your "past lives" :roll: What a crock.
  17. Not4Resale I admire your combination of open-mindedness and rational thought.
    I haven't been to a psychic, but am sure they could be quite convincing; it would take a bit for someone who has spent money (on multiple occasions) on them to critically examine the experience and decide there is nothing paranormal involved.
  18. you are purchasing a service in good faith.
    if that service is not what it claims to be, contact the office of fair trading...and then sue them for damages.
  19. Read the life story of Harry Houdini first, though....