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Psychology Survey on Attitudes towards Motorcycles

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' started by Caspar, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. Dearest Riders,

    As part of my degree requirements at the University of New England, I have had to create a scale development project and am investigating the relationship between attitudes towards motorcycles and dogmatism.

    Survey will take around 5-10 minutes to complete, and I require roughly equal numbers of females and males! Link -
    //Had to take link out as I was getting too many riders filling in my survey - Thanks to all who took the time

    Would appreciate everyone's opinions :)

    Many thanks in advance,

  2. My advice to people on this site is NOT to fill this out. The questions are loaded and lean towards stereotyping. It reeks of an MUARC type survey to be used against us.
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  3. No thanks

    reads just like a TAC / VIC roads survey . and northing good ever comes from MC surveys
  4. Yes Correct ... :)
  5. Just thought I'd should add that that isn't the intent of the survey, at all. I wouldn't use it "against" riders, especially as I am a rider. I expect to find a relationship between riding motorcycles and dogmatism (dogmatism meaning: The tendency to lay down principles as incontrovertibly true, without consideration of evidence or the opinions of others). Therefore, it's the purpose of this is the opposite to what you're thinking.

    For anyone who does feel comfortable answering this survey, please answer as honestly and accurately as possible. If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Thanks again
  6. how many university students have come to the forums in the past few months with some bullshit surveys.

    no thanks.
  7. Cheers Caspar, I enjoyed the survey, especially the last half.

    To those who said don't do the survey because the questions are like TAC surveys either
    a) didn't follow the survey to the end
    b) did follow it to end in which case they have actually completed the survey
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    You have a major bias in your survey design. Those with strong dogmatic beliefs will avoid your survey, as seen by the replies so far.

    I really don't think it is possible to get a representative sample through any type of survey for the questions asked. Any non response bias is going to be massive.

    Your results will be about as representative as a survey asking "do you enjoy filling out surveys?"

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    I agree, but that is exactly what this process is expected to bring to our attention in this unit (psychological testing), and it gives me something to write about if my results are not significant!
  10. I followed the survey to the end... I only got asked one question, was honest and got sent straight to the end. Biased survey only wants to reveal itself to people who want to continue! :-s
  11. Interesting. Can I ask why you 'expect' to find such a relationship, and what particular relationship you're expecting (ie. do you expect people who ride motorcycles to be dogmatic or open-minded)?

    Also, how are you going to deal with any selection biases that might be present in your recruitment methodology? Are you recruiting in places other than Netrider? As an example, on this forum, there seem to be a higher than usual proportion of professional and/or IT workers which might skew your results a particular way. If you were to recruit elsewhere you might get other biases. Are you logging how people got to the survey so that you can factor this into your results?

    Some more questions: Is this for an undergrad degree? are your results going to be made public or published (including raw data, collection and analysis methods used), or is access going to be restricted? If it's restricted, who will have access to it? Is the research being funded by any particular organisation?

    Sorry for all the questions. I sincerely wish you good luck with your project. I'm just a little paranoid.

    8-[ :eek:hno: :-k
  12. Looks like 3rd year UG...
  13. Hi Gundy,

    Good questions. Happy to answer:

    First, this is only for a 3rd year undergraduate unit. Results will not be published (it's not that type of research - it's just for an assignment). I am the only person having access to the data, and my supervisor if he requests it for marking purposes. Not being funded.

    With studies done at university, there is always a selection bias as most people recruit only other university students, who are not representative of the population. Also, since my survey question involved motorcycles, I thought it would be good to have their opinion so the data wouldn't be skewed towards the non-riders view point (if there's a difference). I will absolutely be discussing any biases in my recruitment methodology. You're always going to find that people who don't complete the surveys are the people and viewpoints that are underrepresented in your results... but just another point to include in your discussion.

    Would be more than happy to say what I expect to find when I close off the link, as I wouldn't want my hypothesis to influence the answers people give. However, I will say this. This isn't a research question exactly how I would have it. We were asked to nominate a topic to write a survey about (I chose motorcycles). We were then asked to pick one out of five other constructs to correlate it against. They were Emotional Intelligence, Dogmatism, Happiness, Sensation Seeking... and one other one. I wanted to do Sensation Seeking, but then I could only recruit people who ride, and most of my data should be coming from other students in my class, so my data pool would be low. I also wasn't allowed to have certain questions, for example, questions which indicated that the person taking the survey broke any laws... so that avenue would have been a little tougher.

    By the way, regardless of the attitude people on here have towards this survey, you're giving me really good points to add to my paper. But again, it's just a project for a single psychology unit...

    Hope that eases some peoples minds about where I was going with this information. Didn't post this up here to do any harm or cause any concern. Was just trying to even the spread of my results across riders and non-riders.

    Anymore questions, let me know.
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  15. Take your survey and shove it.
  16. Another one?

    Can't these threads be locked or at least "pre approved" by mods?
  17. Something to do with free speech ? I personally don't answer surveys of any type unless it's completely transparent ie do you or don't you want this....this one could be done at the local shopping mall, the conclusions would be just as irrelevant.
  18. It was discussed and peer pressure was a better alternative, ie pick the living shit out of it.
  19. ;) got it
  20. OP: Are you hot?