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Psycho tries to run me off road [bit long :)]

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Duffman, Mar 11, 2006.

  1. Holy crap. I’ll let you know when my heart rate drops back to normal….

    Bloody F-ing idiot just tried to run me off the road! I couldn’t believe it, really shook me up.

    Happened at the intersection of Royal and Flinders Sts in Yokine (Perth) for those of you playing at home.

    OK I’ll try explain this as best I can, so bare with me. It’s a 4-way intersection with traffic lights. Both 4 lane roads (ie 2 in each direction of each road). There are no traffic light turning arrows anywhere just the usual green circle. I’m in the left lane of Royal St turning left onto Flinders. 4WD is opposite me turning right onto Flinders to go in the same direction as me. Lights go green and I take off and as I’m half way through my turn the 4WD floors it across the intersection to turn. Now I’m turning left into the right lane (perfectly legal) and he is is trying to turn right also into the right lane. I’m about to run into the side of him so I simultaneously slam on the breaks and the horn.

    He then turns his car off and get out, comes right up to my face and says “what the hell are you doing you turn into your lane not MY lane”. I say to him “mate what are you talking about I can turn into the right lane, at an intersection I have right of way because your turning across the traffic.” He’s starts yelling and screaming at me a fully going off. So I said yeah whatever mate and I just take off cause I think hey I just want to get out of there (we’re sitting in the middle of the road still).

    So I’ve taken off and am about 200m down the road in the right lane preparing to turn right soon. Then I see him speeding up behind me in the left lane. When he’s right up level with me he starts merging into me and I’m like “FARK this guy is trying to ram me” and I’ve got nowhere to go cause I’m in the right lane and there’s traffic coming towards me. So I slow right down and plan to just get as far from him as possible cause who knows what he’s going to do. Then he pulls across the right lane on a diagonal blocking my path. He’s stopped slow close to me that I put out my foot to fend the car off. It all happened quickly so I just stopped and didn’t have time to go round him.

    Then he’s yelling at me out his window and by this stage I’m both bloody angry and pretty scared as well to be honest. I just say “mate that’s not FARKING on, don’t be going off at me cause you don’t know the road rules, I’m perfectly aloud to turn into the right lane back there and you have to give way. Then you’ve just tried to force me into the oncoming traffic what the fark is your problem.”

    Now I’m not proud of swearing at him but geez he scared the be-jesus out of me, and it was in the heat of the moment and my heart was racing.

    So anyway, I make a note of his number plate and go on my way, albeit slowly and shaking a little. We all see an angry driver from time to time, and god knows I’ve been angry at the wheel before, but this was just straight out psycho. Really highlights how venerable you are on a bike when there’s some dick head in a big car with a death wish.

    I will definitely be reporting it to the police and I’ll make sure they follow it up. Local cop shop is closed today but I’ll go in on Monday.

    The real scary thing was I just don’t know what I could have done differently to avoid the situation. Seems like this guy is just a fark-wit.

    Sorry this is so long, needed to get it off my chest.

    Stay safe
  2. Hey Duffman,

    The guy is F$^TW for pulling stunts like that on you. And if had of been caught should be charged with dangerous driving.
    Actually had a guys yesterday when coming home sitting behind me in a F100 sitting a little close behind me as we were travelling, than I 've pulled into far right lane which is the turning lane for turning right at the intersection up a head I stop has we had the red light and traffic banked up a bit, and christ I think he wanted to make the back of my Across even squarer than what it is he was that close, had to move up a couple hundred metrer when some traffice moved forward and again it was like he wanted his F100 to hump my Across he was that close to its rear end. I actually thought twice of putting the bike in neutral side stand down and my fist though his window in the side of his head as the guy was plainly being a F*^%head

    With respect to what you are saying from my understanding when you are turning left or right for that matter you must remain in that lane until the turn has been completed, than must indicate to cross to the other lane. Not for one moment stating what the guy did was correct, just I'm not so sure that you doing what you did is actually legal either.
  3. Correct.

    When making a turn, you are supposed to turn into the lane closest to you where practical. So the 4WD driver was correct.

    Doesn't excuse the later dangerous driving, but methinks the OP needs to brush up on the road laws.
  4. First up let me say that the guy in the 4wd was a complete f**kwit for trying to run you down. He was however right about you being the one breaking the law at the interesection (still doesn't make what he did right). Relevant WA legislation can be found here.
  5. no, you're allowed to choose which lane you want to turn into, unless it is a two lane turn, where you must turn into the left lane if you're in the left, and if you're in the right you can turn into any other lane(s) except for the far left one.

    Its a different matter if you want to turn left were there are no lights, thats when you must turn in the first lane on ur left. I could be wrong... hmm
  6. Thats not correct guys.
    And i dont mean to sound like a smart arse but i do know this for sure.
    This is certainly the case in WA anyway, you dont have to turn into the closest lane unless there are turning lanes marked with those dashed lines round the corner.
  7. Did you indicate at all that you were drifting across to the right-hand lane?

    By the way, you mentioned that you saw the 4WD start his turn while you were just half-way through your own turn.

    It is every drivers/riders responsibility to avoid getting into a dangerous situation.

    Yet you knew the 4WD was coming and still decided to drift across to the right-hand lane, putting yourself in danger.

    Not smart.
  8. Perhaps the 4WD driver was a Victorian where the car turning across the intersection DOES have priority over the poor stiff turning left into the left lane of the road he is entering......
  9. Clearly you don't, the relevant legislation is here and here. At no point does it say you have right of way over changing lanes mid turn.
  10. That was reversed years ago (late 80's-early 90's actually).
  11. OK, sorry, that did puzzle me immensely when I lived down there in the mid-eighties :)
  12. thats right Dale,
    i noticed him coming when i was half way through the turn, so obviously i was already leaning over and in the turn and already commited to the point that it would have been very hard to change my line. I noticed him and managed to stop before hitting him.
  13. So now you know Duffman.....turn into the lane closest to you, and you will greatly minimise this type of risk.

    Treat it as a learning experience.
  14. The west Aussies are right. If you turn(either left or right) into a dual carraigeway you can choose whichever lane you want :grin:

    There are all sorts of dipshits out on the road. You just have to try to avoid them. You should see around my place in peak hour, its like a war out there.

  15. My appologies to all for my description, i've just looked at the intersection again and i was turning from a single carriage way into a multi lane road.

    hence when turning from a 1 lane road into a 2 lane road you dont have to turn into the left lane.

    sorry for the error in my original post. :oops:

    And JD, you are quite right, those regulations you posted do apply to multi lane turns. again sorry for my error.
  16. Dude, thats for double lanes turning left. The matter is if it was a single lane turning left onto a double laned road.

                    | | |
                    | | | 
                    | | |
    As long as the light is green, Lane A can turn into either lane 1 or 2
  17. All's cool Duffman, but I would strongly suggest trying to turn into the lane closest to you, simply to make yourself safer.

    We can argue legalities till the cows come home. But at the end of the day we all have to make sure we're safe. And it's one thing to say "But I'm allowed to", but if it means you end up in hospital or worse, then it means jack-all.

    Best to err on the side of caution.
  18. Good to hear you came away from this unhurt.
    It pisses me off when people harass other motorists like that especially when they are on bikes and are more likely to be injured or killed in these sorts of incidents :evil: .
  19. You are of cause right Dale, absolutely.

    The thing is, he was stopped waiting to turn, the assumption is as i was the only one there that he was waiting for me to turn. So i did turn. Then he's gone and floored it through. I totally see what your saying and agree, but sometimes i think its impossible to eliminate all risks. I did look and it appeared he was waiting for me to turn.
  20. No worries, single lane into multiple lane's a different matter. Obviously the 4wd owner wasn't aware of that. Just a good ideas to make 100% sure you were in the right before going to the cops - you don't wnat them booking you instead :wink:.