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Psycho pursuit

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by pro-pilot, Dec 23, 2007.

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  2. Thats f*cken crazy [​IMG]

    Cops should have taken him out at the 3.07 when they
    had the chance

    & cops travelling on the wrong side of the road at 3.30
    is pure lunacy.

    That chase should've been called off.
  3. haha got the dickhead in then end :cool:
    that vectra hauled arse!!
  4. Yeh they did well to catch up.. but the rider did f*ck up by going
    into a dead end [​IMG]

    Whats the bet he copped a pasting out of video range [​IMG]

    ... with the standard 'Resisting Arrest' charge added on to the
    rap sheet to counter any allegation of assault [​IMG]
  5. The cops doing those speeds continuously wouldn't happen in Australia.
    The cops would probably call the chase off at about 160k's.
    That cop car got to over 230k's. :shock: I reckon the cops love a good chase. :cool:
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    thats a pissa mate! good find :cool:
  8. wrong. they're supposed to, but was chased at an "estimated 180km/h". the chopper comes out eventually too.

  9. Was it you that was chased at the 180km?What happened?
  10. was recognised by face and not by plate, they called my mobile and arrested me 4 days later when i went in to face the music. they continued chasing for about a km until we went off road and parked it when we heard the chopper. still unsure as to what will happen.

    best case scenario - a fine.
    worst case scenario - 3-15 charges.

    they have 12 months to decide.
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  12. I got chased once without coping the side effects its a heart pumping experiance. Great vid, too bad he got trapped.. should have gone over the grass and all.
  13. Thats bad news Flexorsist.They didn't actually catch you so maybe you will get off on a technicality and won't hear anything more.It seems strange to me that they didn't charge you on the spot if they could. :cool:
  14. Recognised you by face with a helmet on? Eh? They didn't stop you, they didn't have your plate, they didn't know what exact bike committed the offense (as in who exactly owned the specific bike and apply the owner onus rule), and they didn't have positive proof of who was riding the bike?

    Seems to me that about the only way they could really charge you would be if you admitted to it. They "arrested" you? Meaning, they slapped you in handcuffs and read you your rights when you walked into the station to "face the music"?

    Look, it all smells like "fishing" to me. I'm not saying that the outcome wasn't justified (you did do it by your own admission), I'm just more than a little baffled by the sequence of events that lead to you being charged.

    Sounds to me more like they had an idea on what type of bike it was, looked up the search database, found out who they thought it might be, and rang you and concocted a story that they recognised you by face and hoping that you'd cave in and admit to it - which it seems that you did.

    If they had any real evidence, as opposed to a loose guess, they'd have had a couple of squad cars around to your house and/or place of work and have arrested you.
  15. You have to hand it to the police driver handling the car in that traffic at such a speed.
  16. Hows this for a pursuit

    Some cops excel at their job :LOL:

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    I could swear I saw a cop through in a cheeky punch at the end.
    Watch their arms, just after one cop runs around the back of them all another cop on the left suddenly pops a bit of skin into the air and then dives it right back down. Bam!

    Those police cars must have a LOT of torque/hp to catch up so easily.
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    X2 he knew how to wheel a car :D