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Psycho Cyclist

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by akin, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. Now that's interesting:
    I was riding my scooter to work yesterday morning. I stopped at the traffic lights at the corner of Bridge Road and Glebe Point Road (Sydney). There was a cyclist next to me and when the lights turned green, a couple of meters later he was leaning on me. I thought he was falling as the road on those traffic lights has quite some holes and I thought I saved him from falling. A public hero!!!
    I continued riding and stopped at the next traffic lights (next to fish markets). This same cyclist came and started pushing my back wheel with his front wheel?!? I turned and asked him what the hell he was doing and that I was going on a straight line when he leaned on me. He muttered something about me riding against rules (meaning i went round the stopping cars at the 1st lights), i told this echo-brain that it was non of his f.ing business. Then the lights turned green for those going straight, he kicked the back wheel of my scooter -in a very girlie way though - and took off (i was turning right). I tried very very very fckin very hard not to follow him take him down while he was riding then breaking his every single bone. I decided to go to work on time to have a coffee before work instead. On halfway to work it actually occurred to me that the idiot was not falling at all at the first traffic lights, actually was trying to push me off my scooter!!! Aaaaaarrrggggggggggghhhh!!!
    Now it gets a bit more interesting; i wrote a report of what happened and faxed it to Police. In the afternoon i called to check if they received my incident report. The officer said he did. I asked what was next and there was an awkward silence then he asked if i knew him?!? I told that i didn't, then he said that he would need a statement from him as well to proceed! I asked him what he wants me to do if i see him again, he told me to stay away from him. I was "relieved" that he didn't ask me to convince him to go to a police office and give a statement :)
    Anyways, i thought maybe i should have started this topic in Hazardous Roads section as this red-haired, buck-toothed, thirty to forty year old pathetic cyclist probably goes to work Monday to Friday at around 8:30 from Bridge Road, trying to push riders off their bikes if they don't obey his rules :shock: (as it is not against his rules to do so :? )

  2. Yeh i would of bashed him, take the law into your own hands haha, im surprised you wrote a report to the Police :eek:
  3. Maybe the cop was the cyclist? :shock: Why else would he ask if you knew him?
  4. Ironic coming from a cyclist who (read the other cyclist thread).

    I doubt he was trying to push you over. If someone wanted to do that, you would be on the ground quite easily if you weren't expecting it.

    Putting his arm on you, kicking the tyre.... a normal person might say something to you but not physically touch you. So you my friend were in the presence of a nutbag.

    You need to be very careful of nutbags as they do not think rationally. So whilst you could give a mouthful or get physical back with a normal person, a nutter will try to vomit on you, wipe snot on your clothes, possibly lick your face. It's not fair fighting!
  5. Now that's funny! A cyclist complaining about someone ignoring the rules :LOL:

    I've had my share of aggressive cyclists in the past (came to blows, once) but I don't seem to have that problem much now. I try hard not to inconvenience them, and I don't get too close if I can help it. I actually notice other cyclists verbally challenge the bad ones, too.

    In the end it's better to just let it slide. The only time I'd call the cops is when there is actual damage.
  6. you dont need to put up with nonsense like that.
    post a description of the nutbag and I will endeavor to stay away from him at all costs.
  7. scooter taking down a cylcist! would of been funny to see that!
  8. I love holier than thou cyclists, they always deserve teh severe beating they eventually get.
    All you can do is hope to see him again one day.....

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. Any one who wears revealing spendex on a daily basis has some thing wrong with them. :LOL:
  10. +1
    Thats the feeling I got when I read the post
    Try and sneak round back and see if theres a familiar looking cycle there. lol
    $20 says there prolly is.
  11. If you two had got off and had an actual fist fight, it would have been answering the age old question of who would win between the two most feminine types of men out there. Cyclist and scooter riders...

    Id have to take the cyclist...the guy is probably a cardio monster and would kick like a mule thanks to his massive thighs.

    The scooter rider would no doubt have the advantage of weaponry like man bag and thermis, but once the coffee stops burning the cyclists genitals, its game over for scooter boy as he would probably be distracted by a fit man in lycra shorts.

    ^ once again tongue in cheek, but the contempt of scooter riders is very real.

    Dare i say it, but if he touched your scooter, you should have touched his bike or atleast esculated the situation via words and started a fist fight...like a real man would do. Harden the fcuk up.
  12. Like a motorbike rider? lol
  13. Nah...just like a man would...

    Motorbikes have nothing to do with it.
  14. This is a third class citizen having a go at a second class citizen?

    The world gets stranger every day :roll:
  15. If you take that route again make sure you're equipped with mini jousting sticks that you can jam in his front spokes.

    With a description like that, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say he's mentally handicapped. Just leave him alone.

    If he's not, by all means, joust away :)
  16. what a dumbass...
  17. cyclists shit me no end

    Think they own the road break just about every road rule there is and get away with it. Like to see a copper let me run a red light whilst blasting up between 2 lanes wearing no helmet.

    Should be made pay rego and insurance just like the rest of us, the f&%kers.

    I say run him over.
  18. Oh great!, tar everyone with the same brush. I ride a pushy and happen to obey all the road rules like 99.99% of the other road users out there. So do I shit you no end too?

    I'll put on my devils advocate hat on for a moment and go out on a limb and say motorcyclists shit me no end with their blatant lane splitting, speeding and general disregard for other traffic.

    But is this true? Obviously not. I ride a motorbike too and I see 99.99% of motorcyclists doing the right thing. I don't let the occasional idiot colour my view of the rest of the riding community. That person is not representative of the population and more than likely to be a wanker when using any other form of transport.

    I say pull your head in and get some perspective.
  19. and what if you happen to be a woman who rides?