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Psych problem - I dicovered I can't think straight

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Supplied, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. Got stoned last night, and for the first time ever i decided to type my thought out. Here's what happened.

    I'm hopeless when it comes to receiving directions. It's with my memory, everythying comes out as a whole, i

    can't recall any individual parts, such as trying to write this. When someone starts giving me directions I

    will always tune out. I'll agree to everything but have no recollection of what was said. I have to

    concentrate so hard when receiving directions just so I don't zone out.

    But I can give out great directions and instructions with ease.

    I hate trying to figfure things out singularly. My thoughts work better when they go out in all directions. I

    see the bigger picture quite clearly, it's the individual tedious things which bring me down. Thoughts unfold

    in my head, it's hard to explain how it's happening, it only really works when i'm not thingking about it. As

    soon as i start trying to figure it out, my thought process will stop, when i try and think about anything, i'll

    get confused, i wont know where to begin. It feel limke i'm watching myself from afar, i'm not one with myself, each time i try and think about it it disappears. I just have to let my thoughts run, eventually i might be able to learn something from them, surely i must already be doing that.

    But as stated, as soon as i try and think why, i'll be lost, it's almost like i have to try and fool myself, by

    thninking about somethink else then trying to nudge my thoughts in that directions. As fcuked up as it sounds,

    it's worked for me so far. Obviously not the most efficient system, but that's what i've got to work with.

    Take maths for instance, i could work out the answer so easily, but when it came time to writing the steps in

    between i would lose interest. It took the fun out of it. Made it a chore to do instead. I got really bored

    with the teachng system by year 10. It seemed so pointless, They're just questions and answers, So what, it's

    like "here's the question, and over there is the answer, go through a while lot of boring stuff the come up with

    an answer. I didn't need to waste a few hours to learn the answer and put it to paper, If i could recall any

    examples it'd probably help, butg that's not gonna happen anytime soon.

    I find it impossible to pinpoint thoughts in my head, my long term memory is great, i can recall easily. Trying

    to focus on the now is very hard. I have to type am am thiking this, if i take too long it's gone.

    That's why i'm hopeless when it comes to talking to people, i can see the whole conversation run through my

    head, but as soon as it starts, I can't recall a single thing, i get confused, then i'll get really nervous and

    probably go off on some irrellevant tangent and most like make an indiot out of myself.

    I thought this would get better with age, but it's remained the same my entire life. This is probably why i get

    really nervous around some people, but i'm pretty sure the environment i'm in can play a part in that. If

    people are really friendly so am i. If they're not friendly i think i'm almost automatically on the defencive

    and start to get nervous.

    when trying to talk to people i can't see individual parts of the conversation. My mind can barely work at all

    in that situation. I think this has been my problem all along. SO if i can't pinpoint any specifics, i wont

    have any memory of it every happening. So it limited in way i learn things.

    That's a relief, i think i've finally figured myself out. fcukin great!

    Sometimes when i'm having a conversation everything just slows, other times my responses are automated, and i'll

    get stuck if i try and think of anything specific, because it must have it rehearsed in my, but how can ytou

    rehearse something you can't consciously think about. I just have to hope it comes naturally all the time, that

    could be why I can get so easily nervous.

    rereading this it looks like if i read something i can recall that train of thought easily and continure with

    it... cool!

    A few hours later and for the first time in my life i understand how my mind works. I'm not kidding when i say

    i can't think straight. If i try and focus on anything specific I can't think, my mind freezes, and then i have

    to get the wheel spinning again literally. I know now my thought process is circular, I can follow a train of

    thought around and have instant access to a lot of information, I can pick and use any thought, but if i hold

    onto that thought for too long it's gone, could be why i talk so fast, if i don't get everything out in a rush

    it's gone. Could explain why i'm so forgetful to, cause by trying to hold on to the thought i lose it unless

    its filed away.

    Otherwise i can never find that thought again, unless i follow the train of thought which got me there from start to finish, but how can i remember which train of thought it is, cause that's something specific,

    The only way for me to get things done is to follow my train of thought from the beginning to conclusion, if I

    stop and any point and try to recall any specifics its gone. This is the first time in my life that i have ever

    written my thoughts down. I realise now that i can't pick up a previous thought from halfway, i can't focus on
    any specific point, i have to start the whole process from the start. Writing things down allowed me for the

    first time in my life so see what the problem was.
  2. Admit it dude, you're still stoned now aren't ya!! :LOL:

    Hi and welcome to the friendly forums. Remember to straighten up before you ride...
  3. Could well be the weirdest first post ever......

    Welcome to Netrider, assuming you know where you are in the general universe to begin with......
  4. ...or the longest first post ever...join our NADS thread if it gets too much :)
  5. lol nah, i'm cleared headed this afternoon, but i still can't think straight. I guess I never have. I suspect i have adult ADHD, cause I read that people with ADD can't really think in a linear way. I've always known there's something not quite right with me, but i never knew what it was. I've been referred to a psychiatrist who specialised in ADHD for adults, so I'll get the offical diagnisis in a few weeks.

    I'm curious to know if anyone can relate to this type of thinking. The more i try and think about things the harder it gets, I just have to let my thoughts run.
  6. Cool :)

    Thanks! I really don't know where i am in the general universe, but I have a firm grasp of where i am on this planet. That's good enough for me ;)
  7. see that sh*t turn up in my inbox when I turn off the spam filter..... :shock:
  8. So do you ride??
  9. Yeah got a Yamaha FZ6.
  10. OK how's the bike?
  11. :LOL: umm ok...well..i've never taken any drug in my life...having seen a counsellor before and not had him say anything, I'm 99% certain I don't have any form of ADHD...

    But I could so relate to most of that! :p
  12. From what i've been reading on the net, non-linear thinking is a characteristic od ADD.

    Quoting website which i can't list with less than 5 posts

    "Recognize the differences in student thinking styles
    Children with ADD, with or without hyperactivity, are not and will never be linear thinkers. There is no need to try and force them to become linear thinkers, and too much time and resources have been wasted in the attempt to do just that. They simply need to be able to return to the point of departure when the situation calls for it."

    It's reassuring to read that not being able to think straight is not as uncommon as i thought.

    I also am very hyperactive, overly sensitive (great for reading people), have difficulty with attention/focusing and organising things, and can get frustrated very easily. That's what's lead me to believe that i might have ADHD.

    And Matti-san, the bike's great! Love getting around on it.
  13. Man, no offence, but everyone's got ADD these days, or Bipolar, ro depression, or 'learning difficulties' or something. It's just another symptom of a society not willing to accept responsibility for its' own action.

    We bring up a generation of people staring at a radioactive box, feeding them pills for whatever they claim ails them, then we wonder why people can't think straight???

    meh, can't be bothered doing this rant again...

  14. I'm sorry but my attention span will not allow me to finish reading that this week. My advice nonetheless is that if you're going to get stoned, hide you pens. :wink: :)
  15. Non taken if you don't. You've either missed my point or gone off on an irrelevanty tangeant. I'm accountable for all my actions, i don't blame anyone or anything elase for the way i am. I am my own influence.

    I just can't think in a linear way, it's impossible. If you can, then how are you able to understand what i'm talking about?
  16. My middle son was/is a severe ADHD

    For years when he was young we resisted giving him ritalin.
    At about year 4 he started taking it with immeadiate concerntration results and continued until about year 9 when he announced he was sick of all that sh@#t and went cold turkey.

    His concerntration did wane and he eventually left school and has since finished his carpentry trade and and achieved great sporting triumphs.

    The point is, that as soon as he became interested in something, he could concerntrate, to the point of being obsessive, (just ask his current girlfriend :LOL: ) and excel at the given tasks.

    ADD is simply a lacking of a certain chemical in the brain and the introduction of "speed" revs up that part of the brain into sync with the other and it seems to have a calming effect. Give ritalin to a normal kid and see what happens!

    A doctor once explained to me how an ADD mind works as "try to talk quickly and fluently without saying the letter "a" for example"

    As an adult, don't be scared of ADD, and the medication, as some great people have been sufferers (reportably Dick Smith, Sir Winston Churchill, Kerry Packer and the list goes on)

    It is usually symptonized by people with good ideas or projects that may start them and leave it for someone else to finish or "lets rob that bank" and not even think about the consequences.

    Good luck and I will be very interested in your diagnosis and treatment results.


  17. Who's to say that it means there's something wrong with you??? You think diefferently that's all (and the pot certainly won't help that...), not incorrectly.

    All's I was saying is that 50 or 100 years ago there was no such thing as ADD. Now all of a sudden everyone kid and his dog has it, and surprise surprise, there a drug company ready and waiting to get rich off it...

    Sorry if I sound too sceptical or cynical, I just can't subscibe to this modern "you're different therefore there must be something wrong with you, come here and taste this little blue pill, there you go, all better, what?? you don't think at all anymore, well at least it's better than when you thought differently to the rest of us..." way of thinking. Too many of my friends are on unnecessary anti-depressants or brain pills of some sort, when all they really need is either a) to get drunk and have a good cry to an understanding mate, or b) get a smack upside the head and told to 'straighten up and fly right' by an understanding mate...
  18. It didn't say something was "wrong" with him, he just thinks different to the "norm".

    Pete have a squizz at this https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=31255&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0
  19. The smack and straighten up method does not work with someone suffering true clinical depression.
    And whilst I agree the "magic pill" is too often dispensed today, there are people who legitimately need medication.
  20. Well I'm not hyperactive, but I AM overly sensitive (and also read people, much to the annoyance of other's when sooner or later I get to say 'told you so' :p), and depending on the situation have low attention and get frustrated VEEEERRRY easily.

    But, contrary to what other's have said, I am certain I don't have ADD, and have never had the thought cross my mind, and in agreement with OTHERS, I do think we're just different.

    I don't think the drugs are helping you any, but I have strong beliefs when it comes to drugs full stop, so...yeah