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PS3 & XBOX360 id's/gamertags

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by GOOSH, May 17, 2009.

  1. so i know there are quite a few gamer people on here and there are posts spread out around the place.. but i'm hoping to make this topic just for listing you PS3 id and Xbox 360 gamertags so i can play with some of my fellow motorcycling friends.

    So then :

    PS3 id : GOOSH026

    Xbox 360 gamertag: GOOSH026

    please add me, or add yours to this topic. cheers

    and to those who play online but with pc's ... you suck :p
  2. piffle goosh.

    xbox thingy Atheran
  3. There's already a thread about this Gooshy. However:

    PS3 - Dougz_
  4. PS3 - dane75

    play a lot of COD 4 / World @ War, Killzone 2, SOCOM
  5. x box- linnihot
    blame my girlfriend she thought she was making her profile
  6. Xbox: QuantumDaimon

    I buy a 360 to experience the 'next generation' in gaming and most of my time is spent playing the games from Arcade :roll:. Damn you Braid....I will figure it out without cheating :mad:
  7. This is as good a place as any, I guess.

    Just hooked the PS3 to the net - is there anyway of checking servers for ping before you actually get into the game? I spend half my life searching for non-laggy maps.
  8. PS3 ID: edgelett01
  9. Xbox 360 - Komanche Sly

    Play GTA , R6 Vegas 2 , COD4 , GOW2 , Tiger Woods & FIFA.
  10. pretty much no, some games will show server regions... but they still get populated with americans and bad pings making the games annoying sometimes. The best thing is to have a group of mates on there and join their games, especially on Call of Duty 4 & 5 as there is a better chance on of you will be hosting
  11. some games have ping times listed in the servers. i;e warhawk
  12. PSN: OU818

    XBL: Plastalmonus
  13. xbox = oziserb

    im hardly on it these days though