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PS3 - Call Of Duty 5

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Dougz, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. Anyone on here playing this ATM? If so what is your tag?

    Apart from Imajo of course who kicked my butt soundly a few nights ago ;)
  2. I used to play COD 4 flat out, havent had the money to buy COD 5 yet, hired it out and had one nights fun...

    I liked it, some of the old guns I thought were a bit crap. I will trade a few games in for it soon I think.

    what other PS3 games do you play online?

    my PSN ID is the same as my username here
  3. have bought it but yet to unwrap it! :)

    Was not intended as a self Christmas present
  4. hey dougz... you liking it ?
  5. Yeah heaps :grin: , but at the end of the day it's really just COD 4 with different maps and weapons. Everything else is identical.
  6. I've got it, but on PC.
    Pretty damn fun, I used to play CoD 4 alot, and they are both very similar in terms of gameplay, only difference is weapons/maps and the damn dogs!
  7. ahh those damn dogs... good if they are on your side......

    one major thing that i notice is that i think the game is much slower... the game play that is... the other day jumped back on cod4 and it felt like i was going hyperspeed... was hurting my eyes till i readjusted to it..

    other than that....W@W aint too bad...
  8. don't have it yet, too poor! and just bought rock band so yeah...

    but will try to get it in the after christmas sales
  9. does anyone still play SoF2 on PC? :p
    was never a fan of CoD or CoD2, yet to play CoD4 and omg theres a CoD5 already :shock:
  10. Was going to do the same due to GHWT's total crapness on the song front. Is it any good? I heard it's easier than GH3 but has wicked artists like Soundgarden :music: Radiohead and Stone Temple Pilots?
  11. Have any of you got Resistance 2 or Far Cry 2?

    played the Beta test of Resistance 2 it had a lot of potential and the first one was really good
  12. Hopefully for Chrissy... :cool:
  13. I play CoD4 pretty hard, in an online team and the likes, but now I have my motorcycle licence, I don't think I can be bothered getting CoD5...
  14. I have Far Cry 2, hopefully will have resistance 2 soon... too many good games coming out, Killzone 2 will be excellent and thats out early next year
  15. Sorry for the double post..... are you guys still playing World @ War? I only just got it late last week, quite like it but wish it had some of the COD 4 maps. Have you guys checked out Home? bit of fun should be good once they implement more of the functions they promised early on
  16. Sorry not even looked at it. Addicted to Fallout 3 atm.
  17. Nahh, never played World at War.

    However, playing Left 4 Dead atm, great fun with a bunch of mates.

    Its a Valve game that can be purchased from steam.
  18. oh crap sorry mate i didn't even see you asked me a question!!!

    Yes - Rock Band is teh win!
    i am in love with it.

    I created my band on it lol - each member looks like us.
    (you'll note the lead vocalist 'nicky webster')

    it's sooooooooo much better than GHWT (which i played & thought sucked)
    and song selection is unreal
    I just downloade the entire Colour & the Shape and Blood Sugar Sex Magic albums!