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PS2 Thread

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by PJ2, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. Well as I meantioned in the other thread I am thinking about buying a PS2.

    So here's what I am looking at;

    PS2 $180
    Tourist Trophy $90
    GT 4 $28
    Steering Wheel (for GT4) $60)
    Controller $50

    Sub total = $ 410

    Have I left anything out ??
    I'm unsure if I need the other controller, ie how many come with the base purchase ??

    Also has anyone had experience with the PS2 Speedster Pure Wheel
    If not I save up for the logitech :wink:
  2. memory card

    possible A/V connectors for stuff like s-video or SCART.

    1 controller comes with base. Get cheaper good stuff from www.lik-sang.com (lke the addon stuff, mem card, controllers etc)
  3. Why are you buying a controller? Surely there are packs out there with 2 controllers and a game or two thrown in?
    Plus check ebay and game shops for secondhand games....
  4. I use the Driving Force Pro wheel and pedals also...and i agreew its friggin awesome.
    The best and only thing to use when playing "Live for speed" also.
    Anyone who hasnt tried that game and has a wheel to use on the PC....i suggest you try it.
  5. :? That link doesn't seem to work for me... anyone?
  6. nope
  7. Sony (and possibly Microsoft) sued Lik Sang and end result was it shut down. I think it was because they were selling PSPs that people could buy which weren't meant for their location (such as Europe PSP being sold to Australians or whatver, just an example I made up)

    Far as I know people use http://www.play-asia.com/ now.(don't keep up anymore, I don't have a need to get hardware etc as I sold my PS2 recently, 45 games, slim line, 3 controllers, VGA adaptor, a few connectors all up for $200 to our best friends boyfriend :) Made the boyfriend happy and our best friend, her family does lots of stuff for us so I sold it to the guy for cheap as a "friends thing" :)
  8. If anyone IS selling a Slimline PS2 i would like to buy one, in a good condition please (nothing broken on it) to put into my car and hook upto the twin 7" LCD sunvisor sceens i have it it. I'll be using wireless logitech controllers so all i realy need is the Slimline PS2 and power cord, and maybe the AV cord. Decent $$$ Price please.

  9. Shop around for Tourist Trophy, I saw a second hand copy at a games shop in Knox for $25 last week