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PS2 SBK 07 Game (aus release 14/06)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Jace, May 17, 2007.

  1. YAY SBK 07 is supposed to be released today.
    I've been looking forward to this I love 2 wheeled racing games on any platform.
    Any body heard anything good or bad about this game? Mini review coming from me later today i hope Thumbs.

  2. Looks pretty interesting

  3. :oops: err release date to shops is 31 may. :? bloody www.chaos.com telling me it was today.

    Game review coming somewhat later then expected. :)
  4. it looks good... i heard now with ps3 though that they will stop making ps2 games. who cares if yours is chipped though!
  5. Here we go, rang EB games to make sure the realease date was tomorrow they tell me some time in June. FFS.
    So I looked up the publisher and they said "The most accurate date we can supply at the moment is June 14th."
    Keep twiddling those thumbs I spose.... Or I could just chip my PS and get the game off Bit torrent.
    nah I'll be good this time. :)
  6. its out already. Im pretty sure i saw it yesterday in Eb games. and only $50...
    Correct me if im wrong though...
  7. Tired of getting dicked around with release dates. I asked a friend to download the game and burn it. Went round to his place today to play it.

    YEE HA it's a beaut game. In arcade mode it's pretty easy to jump on and have a ball. In simulation mode it's good to keep the die hard fans interested. Heaps of unlockables (Player profiles, bikes, photos (including Grid girls).
    The best part about it is the tracks are just magnificent. It's one of the best games yet for getting the elevations and sublteties of the tracks near perfect. I was cruising around Phillip Island and the way that southern loop rises in the middle is there, the way the track falls away after lukey and then tightens up at turn 10 just magic. :wink:
    All the bikes sound fairly accurate aswell the fours all pretty boring and whiny and the dukes convey that awesome thumpin sound just superbly. There are three settings for the traction control Full, half,none. Having it at half I was laying darkies everywhere then coming in to the corners jump on the brakes and the thing is getting taily and you're backin it in. This is just the best fun.

    The developers have done a fantastic job SO just hurry up and release the dam game already.
  8. Hmm I just realised this game is made by the same people who made Super-Bikes: Riding Challenge, a great game (might want to check that out too). I may have to pick this game up when it's out on PS2. Games Warehouse says 14th June.
  9. Picked up this game from JB on saturday. Racing my first championship at the moment. Screen shots coming soon.
    This game is a corker
  10. yeah, there is a sale a EB !

    I bought SBK07 and MotoGP07 for a grand total of $69.95 (say it in DrNick's voice)! lol

    Bargain !!!
  11. the games sucks !

    I'm returning it and keeping MotoGP !
  12. Best bike game, GP500 with Motogp mod! I tried the motogp series and found them to be really arcadish
  13. Tourist Trophy has set a benchmark for all motorcycle games !

    The rest are too arcadish !

    One thing that really disappoints me with SBK07 is that the Team Ducati Xerox 999 F07 does not sound like a V-twin desmoquattro !!! :evil:
  14. Is this game as good as TT.
  15. I picked up SBK08 for $16 ! for PSP !

    The game rocks !!
    A great improvement over SBK07.

    I think its the most underrated motorbike game . . . the reviews are ordinary, however I find it addictive and awesome !

    Anyone else play it and agree ???
  16. I've got SBK07 on the PSP and love that game, so if 08 is an improvement... where did you get it for $16 :D?
  17. local EBGames . . .3 PSP games for $50 !
    (picked up Rainbow Six Vegas and Sega Rally with it)

    I think they put the 3 For $50 sticker on the wrong game !
    Because I picked up a bargain !!
  18. have any of you guys played Tourist Trophy?

    its a PS2 game but has ps3 graphics (1080i) its like gran turismo but just bikes, very realistic

    makes SBK and moto GP look like crap and you can pick it up off ebay for 15-20 bucks well worth it