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P's via ride tek

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by shady_knife, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. going for my P's via ride tek in sale.

    now it says 8 hours, but all you have to do is left turn, right turn, left swerve, right swerve, emergancy stop...? 8 hours to do that? doesn't sound right if you ask me...

    and theres no writen test im led to believe?

  2. dont know anything about ridetek as we use TAFE here but:
    there is no written for your P's.
    the paper work takes longer than the riding test itself.
    the left/right swerve/e stop can be done up to 6 times.
    half hour all up and you should be done.
  3. If it is like H.A.R.T. then you spend the day learning counter steering, emergency braking, braking in corners etc. Much more than you need to pass the test but are things you should know.
  4. I really only clicked on this thread so I could have another look at your avatar :LOL: but I can actually comment.....

    You dont "have to" do the whole day. You can book in for the test only. (Talk to Ian) but I can assure you testers love to fail people who think they can just "rock up". I suggest you book for the whole day and do some intense learning and if you need some slack at the end of the day you may just get it.

    If you're in or near Sale PM me if you want to ride some day :wink:
  5. have to disagree with that.
    thats not the mentality of the testers.
    youve had up to 15 months to get experience, there is no reason you should need to do the whole day course.
    i had my L's for 15 months and in that time i never got around to getting my bike on the road so i had ZERO road experience.
    apart from a couple of laps of my yard (first gear) and a few sneaky laps of my block (25km all up) i went for my P's and passed with no hassels.
    not only did i pass without any troubles, i also passed on a style of bike im unfamiliar with (cruiser). i had 3 minutes to make myself familiar with the bike and get used to it before i had to start the official test.
    so no, you dont really need to do the whole day.
    if you feel that you do, keep on riding till your ready.
  6. I did my P's with Ride Tek in Dandenong, I did the 8 Hour Day Course (You dont have, you can always just do the test itself),

    I thought the 8 hours was going to drag and be a long day, but I had a blast, a great little group of people and a fantastic instructor, the day went super quick, just going through a series of different bike activities all day, with the license test only taking about 15 minutes at the end of the day.

    No written test, we just watched a road safety dvd for about 30 minutes.
  7. ah jeez, now i have to put up with shady here too? :LOL:
  8. I did my "P's" at the local cop shop. He said go down the street and get me a pack of Wild Woodbines. I came back and he had my piece of paper waiting. :LOL:
  9. The difference being the instructors would prefer that you actually know how to ride a bike and not get yourself killed the first time an emergency situation arises rather than just passing a test. Thinking you can ride just because you passed the overly simple test is very naive. Just because you've ridden for 12-15 months doesn't mean you've got enough experience, in that time you may have NEVER had to do an emergency stop, a swerve etc. The instructors teach you so much in one morning that will save your ass.

    Its no different to young guys and girls passing their car P's and thinking that makes them the next Schumacher, in reality just because you managed to complete a basic set of tasks without intervention doesn't mean you have any driving skills... just have a look at the sorry standard of drivers on our roads. Then you go and do a simple defensive driving course and if you have half a brain you'll soon see how much you DIDN'T know and learn from it.