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P's tomorrow, looks like it's going to rain

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Romie, Feb 13, 2010.

  1. So i'm going for my P's tomorrow and looks like it may rain. Should I be worried? It's a 1 hour commute for me in each direction to, not looking to go for me atm, I have experience riding in the rain but i'm abit worried as it's a big commute for me to get to the training ground and the rain isnt going to make things like cone weave and U turns any easier.

    If I bring a bag with my wet weather gear, do they have some where I can put it so I don't have to carry it around with me all day?
  2. You'll do fine in the rain. It might be a bit more miserable than it ought to be, but it won't be that bad. Rain's good for you. Puts hairs on your chest. And it's got what plants crave. :)

    You didn't mention which company or where you're doing your P's, so none of us can really say if they'll have a place for your gear. Best to give them a phonecall, I'd say.
  3. Thanks Spots for making it not sound as bad. I'm doing it at Unanderra Rider Training Centre down near Wollongong, doesn't say which company is looking at it but it's at the big RTA place in Unanderra
  4. Waits for the tea spoon of cement comments...

    Go, it's only a day of suffering, and wont be the last time you get wet on the bike. As a learner though I would say give your self a lot of time to get there.
  5. I did my P's at unanderra, it has a room for you to put your gear in, and they lock it when you go out riding, so your gear will be safe.
    Did l's and p's there and only had good relaxed instructors each time, the rain shouldn'y make it too hard, its all slow speed work mainly , just relax and you'll be fine
  6. Thank you waedwe for the heads up, life saver! Only shit thing is, I haven't had a chance to practice U turns and cone weave, i'm on a motard though so it should hopefully be ok.
  7. It's slow speed so shouldn't be too bad. Be careful with emergency braking and try to be smooth with the throttle.

    The long commute to the test will help you adjust to the conditions.

    Good luck.
  8. I got my l's when it was raining and it went ok. They should provide you with wet weather gear if it rains.
  9. Don't worry too much about the rain. As I was doing my intermeditate road craft course yesterday in the pouring rain, there was a new L rider course running and a P's course at the same time. If you can do the P's test in the wet, imagine how much bettter you'll be in the dry. Good luck
  10. Well I did pretty much everything nearly perfect but I failed. After doing headchecks a;; day everytime I stoped and took off when most came I forgot some how. I was so worried about everything else that it just sliped my mind. Feel like the biggest gronk as a big T on the ground should be enough to remember, oh well I should be right next time I do most. Moved an inch at the very start and stoped then did my headcheck and that counted as one, then two others I totally forgot. Oh well learn from my mistakes I guess. Im ****ing soaked and freezing and feel like shit :(
  11. At least on the bright side you know you handled everything else and in the wet too, so next time you should be pretty relaxed and very unlikely to forget headchecks again
  12. only annoying thing is some guy that borrowed a 50 cc scooter, looks like he didn't have much riding experience as he didn't have gear or anything manage to pass. I was stuck behind him on the road ride and as he rode so ****ing slow (20-30 in a 60 zone) and terribly. This guy nearly got taken out multiple times while on the road by changing lanes into cars blindspots, really hope he doesnt become a statistic.... ](*,) Lucky for him the instructor was so far ahead we couldnt see how bad his riding was.
  13. There is an example of how arbitrary the riding test is, one rider without bike control skills passes another who has those skills but forgot some of the basic things in the heat of the moment fails. Its not fair I grant you but you will be more determined and focused next time and I sure will romp it it.

    I am not trying to belittle head checks though, they will keep you alive, but I am sure you know that. :) Good luck for next time.
  14. Romie - my local instructor/license tester told me most people fail their P's in my area because of nerves and forgetting the head check, second time around they pass though - so don't consider yourself alone in this oversight.

    Hell I forgot 2 head checks in my P's test - so i only just scraped in -- and it was nerves as well.

    CJVFR - I share the view of my instructor -- head checks may be basic but they will one day save your life -- better to develop good habits early.
  15. I'm normally pretty good at head checks, checking blind spots etc, funny thing is I was telling everyone before the MOST to remember head checks as I knew lots of people fail because of it and i was the one that forgot lol.... always next time I guess and im sure ill blitz it :)