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Ps test

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Banana.Monster, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. I finally got my booking (Ls run out on the 10th of October) yesterday, waiting 5 days since checking and finding no bookings in campbelltown, but when i went to book, someone had canceled so i got a booking at campbelltown for the 30th (thought i was going to have to ride to clyde for them :S).

    So, is there anything particularly hard in the Ps, and will it be easy with all the practice beforehand (5-6000Km Riding experience)?

  2. If noone else gives you first hand advice (I have no idea what you need to do for the NSW Ps test) search the forums for advice given to other people going for their Ps - especially those in your state.
    Or find out what you will be tested on and search the forums for that...
  3. The test is all slow stuff so make sure you can ride your bike slowly and do U-turns without putting your feet down etc.


    Shows you everything you need to be able to do, and helpfull if you want to set up your own course.
  4. Headcheck, headcheck go. Headcheck, headcheck go.

    Also, suck in some fresh air and stay calm. The practice during the day will either settle you or make you nervous...when I did mine, they had the cone weave and u-turn tighter during practice, so if you can't quite make it, don't let it wreck your nerves.
  5. :LOL: Do it in Albury, its piss easy, couple trips round the block, U turn & emergency stop.

    Mind you Im not to sure how bright this lot are. Son1 went to Albury & did his P test on Monday.
    He gets there, they say... " You still wanna do this in the rain"
    His reply ... " I just rode an hour to get here in the rain, you tell me"

    Oh yeah he passed. 4 down 1 to go.
  6. the only hard part is the cone weave. they are offset, but as someone said before, they set it up harder for the practice runs, then during the actual test its a bit easier so people can nail it.
  7. dont be nervous
    +1 to headcheck. never forget it
    cone weave and u-turn was the hardest for me. but i nailed it at the end
    they give you all day to practice it. U-turn made me worry a bit. But most of the people that fails either got nervous or never practiced it.

    so remember the nerves and practice
  8. A good tip is to tell your instructor you are nervous (even if you aren't). If you act all cocky then they may be harder on you. When I was doing my L's there was a P's course on the same day in the same vicinity, one guy was sent home as he was doing wheelies (road/trail) in between emergency stops !

  9. Did my P's last Sunday and a couple of riders failed in the cone weave and U turn. Do plenty of practice and try to practice a U turn at full lock and you will be sweet.
    Don't be scared to practcie in any clear carpark when you are out riding.
    Good Luck
  10. +1 billion on the head check, today i was concentrating so much on the actual maneuvers that I forgot to head check every single start. 1st +3 2nd +5 3rd+9 = 18pts accrued = FAIL.

    Anyway i'll be re-doing the test next week so it's not all bad. Also, if you do happen to fail, make sure you don't ride off straight away with the emotional baggage. Stay a bit longer, drink some water, relax and THEN go home.
  11. It seems like it would be so easy to forget to headcheck, seeing as there is noone around - you aren't even on the road. :?
  12. so, head check EVERYTIME you stop or start?
  13. He will onlt assess you when taking off from the start point of each excercise (a T on the ground), but it is good to try and make it a habit on the day to do one everytime, otherwise you will focus on the activity at hand and forget to do a headcheck when taking off.
  14. there is a practice course mapped out near the breakwall at botany the st is called prince of wales drive


    if you have time or live close enough check it out its really helpful