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P's Test

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by austy, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. Booked in to do my P's test at Deca Shepparton tomorrow. Am struggling to find info on exactly what the test entails. Any info greatly appreciated.

    Also, have ridden a KLR650 for 6 months (almost every day, approx 14000k's)... and have ridden an XVS650 for a couple of weeks (1200k's). Not sure which bike to do the test on... moved the KLR thismorning from the back shed (couple hundred metres) and the damned thing felt completely alien lol

    On the cruiser I find it difficult to countersteer at low speeds... the bike seems to respond better to 'regular' steering... any advice?


  2. Maybe check out this site mate it might give u a bit of an idea. www.ridetek.com.au/licensetesting.htm

    I havent done the test myself as I'm still on the L's so I cant give u any advice but I'm sure theres many many folk here that can. And good luck.
  3. Thx for the info :)

    Will take the KLR out for an hour tomorrow before the test so that we can get to know each other again (guess it will be just like riding a bike :p lol)

  4. Good Luck with ur test :)
  5. You've done a hell of a lot more km than I did before I did my licence test and I passed easily. My bike had something like 650 km on the odometer when I did my test. If you can ride without falling off then you will pass. For the test you do a left corner, right corner then any four of a left swerve, right swerve and emergency stop. Unless you don't allow yourself to do it, you will pass no matter which bike you choose.
  6. say it
    "yes i admit i was nervous for nothing"

  7. congrats :grin:
  8. Woooohoooooo!!! Congrats!! :grin:
  9. Which bike did you endup taking mate? Congrats on the pass :D

  10. Well done. I bet you did it easily as well. :)
  11. Ended up taking the KLR... just took her round the block before the test :)

    Thx for the kind comments everyone :)
  12. Congrats on the P s
  13. Gives me some inspiration, i'm doing my P's on a dirtbike too, i've got 2 weeks to get the brake lights to work, stick a killswitch on, and clean it up :p
  14. you make me feel a bit better, i thought i was bad i've done 6000kms on my L's just because i've been to lazy or broke to go for my P's.

    You must have aced the test though you'd have more experience than alot of people on their full licence.
  15. Rather than starting a new thread I thought I'd just ask here. My Learners are due on December 10th and wanting to do my MOST on 25th November so I've got another 2 weeks in case I fail the first time :eek:hno:

    I wanted to ask:-

    - I've got a GPX 250 and a new Ninja...am yet to ride the new Ninja but which would be better to do the test on? Hubby thinks the Ninja but he doesn't like nor feel comfortable on the GPX.

    - If you do the Pre-Provisional Course and pass that but don't pass the MOST, can you do the MOST after your Learner's is expired?
  16. Wow you picked a thread nearly 18 months old to ask in :D.

    Take the bike you are most comfortable with :). Itll improve your chances.

    I do believe you need to complete the course and renew before it expires, likely more of a licencing thing then your course location rules. Certainly they wouldnt take you on the road without a valid licence.

    Now im really just guessing - i dont know the rules on this front, but if you have held your licence for the required time, even if you renew it, you shouldnt need to start the 3 months over. So long as you renew before it expires, it stands to reason that its just continuing the existing licence class, not starting again.
    Id at least look into that possibility - call your licencing place and ask (not sure what state you are in :p), at least if you do happen to fail the Ps test, you arent rushing to try again.
  17. I was under the impression that you could no longer renew? i.e. When it expires you need to do the assessments again to get Ls?
  18. I was just guessing, but why wait for it to expire?
    Not sure about the pre-learners course, you already have your L's after all?
  19. From the RTA website