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p's test (vic)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by adnan12, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. Hi, I will be going for my car p's in about 20 days time, and am going for my bike p's a day later :grin: ....do you guys have any tips for the test? thanks.

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  3. none for the car (ancient history now)....however for the bike......be careful with the enthusiasm when it comes to the emergency stops.

    When I did my P's I watched 3 riders in a row lock their bikes up & tip over coming in to do the emergency brake test......all because they grabbed the brakes in stead of applying the steady squeeze method.

    Seriously -rexlax & dont anticipate the lights is the best advice I can give you.

    Good luck !!
  4. I'll tell you on monday, I'm going for mine this coming sunday :)
  5. best of luck Kraven & adnan12!
    can't wait to find out what ya have to do exactly.
    I can go for mine this month too...but I haven't booked in yet.
  6. On the same topic...

    Does anyone know if i can use my own bike for the P's test (HART Kilsyth) or do i have to use the ceebee?
  7. howdy,

    I just took the test on Saturday and was seriously surprised at how easy it was, 2 turns, 2 stops and 2 countersteers (left and right).

    I agree with Mrs Scumbag, don't anticipate the lights and you'll be fine.

    You have 40 points to play with so unless you go out of the lines in the turns (loss of 8 points), or countersteer instead of stop (15 points i think) you'll pass easily.

    Good luck with the test
  8. MTA can't use your own bike.
    If your a MRA member you will get a 10% discount at MTA ask for Shelly.

    HART I was told can't use your own bike, due to the fact they need to be RWC and they used to spend to much time getting them RWC to ride.

    So for insurances purposes you have to ride theres. BUT each place is diff.
    I did my P's at MTA in Dandy

    GOOD LUCK. :grin:
  9. Yep, i believe there is sometimes the option of doing it on your own bike but you will definitely need a valid roadworthy certificate to be able to do that. So if you just bought your bike, i guess it may be an option. Most places will just give you the plain and simple answer - No - so i guess put up with it and enjoy buggering around on a bike that isn't yours.

    (PS. CB250's can do endo's :LOL: )
  10. So even if i could use my bike i'd need a RWC to do it??

    That sucks :(, I've never ridden another bike except for the L's test, can anyone tell me how long i have on the cb250 to get used to the handling and feel before the actual test?
  11. Even with a RWC some places may not let you use your bike.
    Best to ring and ask.

    Each place would have a slightly different time line i would imagine. At MTA in Dandy it was round 4 hours or so. Then the test at the end which took around 10-15min.

    Best of luck.
  12. I did my P's at MTA in Dandenong and i can say that they gave me just enough time to get used to the bike before we did the test. That said, it was myself, one of my mates, and a stranger - so just the three of us. The guy that did the training was great and said that if were weren't ready for it he'd happily let us continue practising until we were comfortable.

    I've said it before and said it again, the P's test is easier than the L's. The P's test is simply just a car park session except on someone else's bike! Just chill out and get used to riding the CB250, then at the end of it just forget your even doing a test. Just do the same drill all over.... AGAIN. :wink:
  13. My tip for the car P's is wear sunnies so they dont whinge about mirror checks...

    As already stated the bike P's is easier than L's so you wont have any dramas there at all..

    And Kraven dont stress dude i promise ya that even if you had no time at all on the cb before the test youd still have no dramas...

    Goodluck guys, not that yas will need it :)
  14. what's wrong with the cb250? sooks! :p
  15. No worries mate :grin:
  16. I hadnt ridden a bike for well over 10 years when i arrived to the do the Ls and passed it easy, so i am gonna try the same on the Ps, but he did says it was more complicated test? I did it at MTA too. The tester guys has a hornet too - hopefully that will distract him :)
  17. If you have been practising on your Ls you will pass easy peasy, just dont anticipate the lights and take it easy on the cornering. :)