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P's Test Tomorrow, Road worthiness?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Alexy23, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. Hey,

    I have my Pre-Provisional Test tomorrow and I couldn't make it to the shops in time to buy new tyres, they are very worn in the inside of the tyre. How strict are these places generally on road worthiness and if I am sent home it does note that I will lose my fee ($164) has anyone managed to get out of this before?

    How much do the bikes generally cost to hire?

  2. the only thing between the road and you are your tyres..if they are VERY WORN get that fixed.... i think your life is worth more than a few hundred bucks,,,,..i hope they are strict when it comes to road worthiness, they are there to show you the wright way to ride safe,, and keep you alive when your on your bike ,,
  3. i guess you've already taken the test or come home with your tail between your legs.

    let us know how you go.
  4. They seem quite thorough. Did my Ps in NSW a week ago. They looked at rego, obsessively at licence, indicators front and rear, high beam, brake lights front and rear, and even the horn, LOL. I think it was the first time I used mine;)

    One guy missed the test and did his dough and was back for the second test due to unworthyness.
  5. Heh - That's funny John. When I did mine the instructor barely glanced at my bike - Or anyone elses for that matter.

    Fun Ha!
  6. They are meant to look them over pretty well. But they instructors and not licensed service managers or mechanics. Glaring things like bald tires. well... yeh I'll leave that alone. How about tool kits ??? A bike is meant to have one to pass rego.
    I think where I was an instructor/assessor it was $50 bucks less to use your own. Not really worth it if your not sure.
    Anywho hope he got through. Maybe they sold him some cheap hoops for it while he did the theory. Any smart bike shop would. Instead of sending him home anyway.
  7. Mate who gives a shit if you will be able to pass inspection - if the tyres are worn they're dangerous!

    Get them changed...
  8. Bear in mind that he did say he "couldn't make it to the shops in time to buy new tyres", so it does sound like he intends to fix the problem.

    Personally, I'd prefer to replace them slightly early than to push things. Being relatively inexperienced is enough for me, I don't need the worry of tyres which might be pushing safety a bit, especially during a wet time of year. Doesn't take a whole lot of time, and costs a lot less than repairs (or getting some sort of ticket for it, I expect).
  9. it was also his first post, i just realised.
  10. How'd you go????

    I have mine in 2 weeks and am freaking out!!!
  11. Mulling on something like this myself.

    Are Road/Trail tires good enough? do i need to put a set of proper road tires on my licensed trail bike?

    Does the license plate HAVE to be facing towards the read of the bike? Mines attached to the top of the rear guard. It faces up, yet is visible to someone standing behind the bike.

    (I was not responsible for this.. i bought the bike like it)

  12. Hmm... tool kit for rego you say... never knew that. Guess i better find a new home for my scottoiler then, and put my toolkit back in (rego due in a few weeks). Mind you, the kit might fit inside the tail...
  13. they've never checked mine for a tool kit :-s
  14. It all depends on the individuals Laziness:Maliciousness ratio. Most people are too lazy to be nasty about those little things that aren't really important, way more hassle than its worth to them.

    You're only at risk if you come across a bloody evil bastard on a bad day, who will then be exceedingly nitpicky just 'cause he can.
  15. Semi knobbies are fine. There are legal full knobbies as well, and yeh it would be a pretty petty person to pick you up on your plate. As long as it is illuminated you should be fine.
    As for tool kits no I would never knock a bike back for it but it is there in the paperwork. Here in Qld. A bike has to be sold with one. Its a good thing to look out for when buying a bike though. Same as your owners manual.
  16. My instructor didnt even look atmy bike either mind he you was a nut and kept going on about his cheating ex wife

    Also when i got my bike rego old mate didnt even mention a toolkit mind you he was a car mechanic
  17. Test went surprisingly well, I ended up borrowing my brothers bike.

    Turns out anyway the guy just had a fight with his wife and wasn't all to interested in checking the bikes. But hey, who would have known?
  18. So you passed???