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P's test this Weekend...(VIC) EDIT Got it.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Envy-t, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. I have finally gotten of my fat ar$e and booked with motorcycle motion for my p's this Saturday and Sunday.

    Those that know me know that the L stands for Lazy and not learner.(maybe lunatic?) Apart from one occassion, which was witnessed by RobSalv (stfu mate!lol) I have not had any OMFG incidents in the 8 months I have been riding.
    But I am learning so much everytime I ride my brain hurts! :LOL:

    I think I am lucky that I rode farm bikes quite a bit growing up and the fact that I am old, gives me a little more common sense, I hope.

    Is there anything I need to know about the P's test?
    Left and right turn thats longer and faster than l's, emergency stop and what else?

    After doing GOR and MR's for the last 7 months I think I should have it in the bag, I hope.

    EDIT Why oh why they have this test has me gobsmacked. It's easier to do than walking down the street in Broad daylight with your eyes open! Of the 12 people going for their P's today, I would feel comfortable riding with 4 of them, the others must be 2 headed cats, as they certainly would have used up their 9 lives in their first month of L's.

    WHOO YEAH! only 365 days to go till I get a real bike.
  3. You'll be fine as long as you dont go in there with the attitude of "This will be piss easy - Ill nail it for sure". When I was there, the guy with the most experience of all of us failed because he wasn't taking it as seriously as perhaps he should have.

    I found the learners test harder than the P's. (Im in Vic, not sure what it's like elsewhere).

    The main test I remember was the obstacle avoidance type test (emergency stop / swerve left / swerve right).

    They'll run you through drills hopefully so you know what to expect.

    Just relax, go slowly, and you'll be fine!
  4. I did well enough on the earlier parts of the test that I could emergency stop for all 4 lights and still pass :grin: So I did!
  5. I found it easier than the Learner test.
  6. You'll be fine
    I found it a bit tricky getting used to their bikes - for the first part i felt like a new rider because i was so used to the sports. I couldnt get the turns right because the bike felt big and bulky...

    The obstacle avoidance / counter steering test was the thing i was most nervous about (esp coz i couldnt get used to the bike!)
    but one guy in my group did the wrong thing 3 times and still passed.
    Flash right - he stopped
    Stop - he turned
    Stop - he turned again

    So - i'm sure you'll be fine!

    I agree that it was easier than the L's test

    :cool: :grin:
  7. You'll piss it in Marcus. Just take it seriously and you'll do really well. MM are great to deal with too.
  8. :-#

    You're so not an L plater. Now go and prove it.
  9. Thanks Roberto!!

    Yes a few people have been surprised when they finally see the L plate hidden there lol.
  10. Hi Envy,

    yes P's are easier than your L's.

    You only do a fast right and then do a fast left.

    Then a Swerve Left, Swerve Right, Then 2 E Stops.

    You only fail if on the test you exceed maximum points allowed, drop your bike or fail to follow instructions 3 times.

    You are allowed 40 points here in Vic.
    Fast left and right....if you stay within the lines and proceed about 25km you will be through in about 3-4 seconds....which is a few points. Touch the lines and its 9 points...so don't stress about riding at speed.

    The Swerve n E stops requires a minimum speed of 20km...so don't go any faster. Just pay attention, because if you don't do the correct manouvre its 25 points.

    If you do the correct direction in swerve but don't swerve much i think max is like 8 or 9 points and the E stop...uhmm not sure.

    and Voila you are done.

    Its not that hard...you've been riding and doing all these things naturally already. Good luck..but reckon you won't need it. :grin:
  11. H Marcus good luck. It is so easy by Sunday night you will be kicking yourself, and why!!!!!

    Because you are booked in for 2 days to do something that you only need to sit the test for or at worst, only need a single day for.

    Like other have said, it is the fast cornering left and right, then an e-swerve left and right and 2 e-braking. The combination of the lights for the swerves and e-braking are determined by your score on hte fast cornering.

    The only way people stuff this up is by guessing which way the lights will go and then in an attempt to correct, they drop the bike.

    Take your time, be certain of the lights then do whatever you need ot do, pretty simple.
  12. Envy-t, mate, i've seen you ride, your so not ready for this scary shit, you'll f^&k it up for sure... get another license extention and learn some more, its really really hard...

    if you didn't catch my sarcasim i'll point out like a few others; the L's test was harder... the only thing that may get you is been so f*&^ing bored on the day you switch off then fook up... I did that one or two times during the day. Pay attention and before you know it you'll be heading home L-plate-less...

    just hope for some eye-candy on the day for some form of entertainment... i had a lezo prision guard that could bench press a car, yay...
  13. LOL at brownny, maybe I can pillion you after the restrictions are up, as with your luck you may still be walking! lol

    I can't wait. Should be a peice of pi$$, just got my booking letter from MM and the exercises are something I have practiced alot and they have become second nature while I am riding.
  14. marcus..... mate how come i never knew you were a L plater!?


    you'll piss it in from what i've seen of your riding. I did it yesterday and passed no probs. Even valentino wannabe on his hyodung 250 (who reckons he's got an 09 gsxr 1000 on order and doesnt care about riding it on his p's cos it's only a fine and no points) passed no probs.

    Best piece of advice is dont anticipate the swerve/e-stop lights, and they can come on quite late ;)

    and the best part is at the end when you get to rip that L plate off! awesome!

    oh yeah they should punch a hole in both your drivers licence and bike learners, as they are now issuing a single licence for both :) so dont trip out if they do lol

    and at the end of it all just ride it like you're riding out on the road and dont be over nervous ;) you'll be fine!
  15. Not sure what the points loss for head check is like in vic but if its like nsw , then as the person earlier stated HEAD CHECK , HEAD CHECK, HEAD CHECK! so many up here fail just because of simple head checks, i think 3 missed headchecks here was fail, but they went up in value for each 1, so a few and simple mistake elsewhere and your gone, do them and tests are easy
  16. Agreed :)

    Pay attention to detail, do exactly as asked, and head check ... you'll be fine :)
  17. I have it there, it's just partly hidden! I was sick of treplacing them after they broke off, so I put it higher up with only about 1/3rd showing.
    Oh and I am a quick learner,lol
  18. No head check for VIC (not in mine anyway)

    Is is piss easy, even if you do in with a can do attitude or a cant do one.

    and its not fast corners, its one left and one right bend doing a safe speed, if your too fast you can get points taken off.. the point is to see if you can judge bends and take them safely.

    best idea is to get in the middle of the group so you can see a few people do it before you and learn from their experience.
  19. +1


    You can't loose points for going "too fast" through the corners as long as you're within the lines.

    In my whole Ps test I lost 4 points for the left and right turn,

    right turn 1 point

    Left turn 3 points :( caught nutral going into second gear

    Left swerve, right swerve then two quick stops :) easy as pie

    just remember not to anticipate the light box (that's there I have seen a few people drop bikes)

    just head down at a speed just over minimum and you'll be apples :)

    and have fun :) I handed my Lplate to the guy that day (with a mate as we had our own bikes) as he had a learner test the next day so he could give the plates to them :)
  20. 365 days till I get a nice new bike!