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P's Test: The dreaded "U" TURN.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by GreenNinja, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Hey I've got my P's test on Friday, so i read through the "MOST" test paper.

    Some one told me that they failed "u" turn, so i measured out my street.

    6.1 metres and attempted the "U" turn....... FAILED! :( i found it near impossible to do it in this amount of space, even with both my feet down on the floor and walking the bike.

    Soo I'm thinking of putting both my feet down and walking it ( and maybe even have to reverse :shock: ) so i don't go over the yellow line aswell and loss more points.

    *Would the instructor accumulate if i walked aswell as "reversed"?
    *2nd scenario just walk the whole way? (but make it look I attempted it)

    Anyone else had trouble with the "U" turn? and any advice?

  2. I hated the u turn test to but i found keeping my head up and looking where i wanted to go really helped me
  3. I had a little trouble with the U turn myself.. mainly because I had never had to do one in such a small area. You get plently of practice on the day... and the instructor should help you out with some tips. I found at first that I kept letting one foot touch the ground, but gradually you get the hang of it. Honestly, I did pretty s h i t with the U turn all day in practice but when it came down to the crunch, it was okay. It helps alot to keep your head fully turned and looking to were you want to end up.. just relax and go with the flow.
  4. It could be you lack confidence and proper technique, in which case - you'll get there, and remember you'll also have a whole day of practice before the test.

    But it could be also that your bike is really unable to complete the U-turn in the required space. In which case you might have to hire their CB250, they definitely can do the U-turn as required :)
  5. I'm going through the same hell right now....my D-Day is tommorrow morning. ..

    Goodluck on Friday, Green Ninja.
  6. start by turning your idle up a tad so bike is at steady walking pace
    don't touch front brakes or throttle
    lean your body left, turn your head right and be relaxed at the shoulders

    u turn and repeat!

    then decrease your idle incrementally until its back to normal and you have to regulate speed with your throttle
  7. :wink:
  8. Easy mate, you'll be fine!

    Straight fail if you disobey the instructor and a point for every foot down.

    Some people will have other tips but basically:

    1....1st gear and up the revs while slipping the clutch on approach and hold the slip.
    2......ALWAYS look where you want to go and exaggerate and look way over your shoulder at the exit
    3.......control your speed with your back brake
    4.......slight acceleration through the turn
    5.... GRIP THE TANK WITH YOUR KNEES as if you are holding a $100 bill.

    The guys at HART are good and you will be practising on a tighter u turn before your test!

    Relax and good luck

  9. If thats your bike in your Avatar and your trying it on that, i'd just use their CB because the 250 sport bikes/sport bikes in general do not have the tight steering lock like those other bikes, However you can do it on your bike if you counter balance your weight and have the bike leaned over.

    Your not allowed to put your feet down unless your stopped.
  10. Ninja, can't top what Jeff said but I'll just add a bit about weighting your pegs. As you said, walking it is a little hard (you can't walk it though as after 2-3 steps you've failed), so you need a bit of a lean. For that you need higher revvs and slipping, but keep your outside foot pushing down on the peg to keep your balance.

    I did it on the zzr easy, you won't have any probs.
  11. Yeah there was alot of talk in the group at my p's test that it was much easier on the bikes they have at the course (cb250) In my group there were only 2 people who used there own bikes, myself on a cbr and the other bloke was on a vtr. I was the only person in our group to get 0 points.
  12. It's definitely possible on that bike, you just need to practice. I can do it in the ridiculously tight 5.5m space that you get in the ACT, and I ride a GS500F.
  13. Go the CBR...

    All the above points are spot on,

    One thing I would really consider though is use the HART CBR, It’s no doubt the best bike for the course,

    Straying off the whole u turn thing a little if you use the HART bike it means you can relax and not worry about your prized possession getting all scratched up if you did happen to drop it during training (I dropped mine !) and not to mention a full day of riding the clutch.

    Relax and you will be fine,

  14. I think it would be worth it to make sure the bike can cope. Just mark out the distance, go to the staring point, turn the engine off, handlebar full lock to the side - and walk it. If it fits in those 6.1 meters or whatever, you'll know for a fact it can be done and you just need to practice. Otherwise you'll know you have another expense ahead of you :)

    Either way I think it is better to know for sure where you stand.
  15. You can turn much tighter when leaning the bike - if I walk the bike on full lock, it almost touches both lines on the 5.5m rectangle thing. When I do it properly with a small lean etc, I can make it with about 30cm to spare. I guarantee that your 250 can turn within the 6.1m area if us ACT guys have to do it with 2ft less area (whilst also riding a 500cc :grin:)
  16. It's all about leaning the bike.

    I was worried about failing mine - so I went down to where the test is marked out and practiced for a couple of weeks before my test
    (you don't get to practice on the day in Canberra)

    When I first started I couldn't get it done inside the distance by a good 50cm or so.

    A couple of weeks later when I actually took the test I used about 2/3 of the 5.5m box. I used a GN250 - which is probably about the easiest possible bike for the test - but the key was just being comfortable with leaning you bike into the u-turn.

    Turn your head round behing you ASAP into the turn, and practice leaning the bike into the corner a little more each time, while you lean the other way with your body.

    if you're using your own bike - consider doing it with an almost empty fuel tank too - less weight up top will lower your centre of gravity
  17. keep it simple.

    just as you start turning, whip your head around so you are looking all the way over you shoulder to where you want to end up. Do it at nice gentle walking pace and you'll spin round no worries.

    The only other thing you need to do is make sure you absolutely DO NOT ever look at the kerb, or you WILL hit it.
  18. you can do a u turn in a 5m box on a gs500f no problem

    greenninja as you turn the bike in for the u turn get your arse on the left edge of the seat and sit up completely straight which balances the bike thru the turn at a low speed also drag the rear brake while slipping the clutch, and holding resonable revs, if the bike starts leaning in too much let the clutch out a lil more, giving more drive which will stand the bike up more...

    dont walk the bike thru the turn ever time you lift ur foot and put it down that is a foot down so easyh to accumilate points that way if ur going to put a foot down at all, put your right foot down and dragit the entire u turn using it to brace the bike so you can get it over more thru the u turn dont not liuft it and put it back down

    but i would also recommend sitting it on the cb250 you will get pratice in with it before you have the test so you will be a little more confident with it but if you are going to use a cb250 from there you need to ring up now and book it coz i dont think you can just show up and ask if you can use one
  19. Thx for advice guyz :)

    I marked lines on road with chalk and basically walked the bike through the U Turn on FULL steering LOCK, it still goes over the yellow line by 40CM (tried leaning and walking too).

    So I might have to hire a bike, how much is it? DARNIT!!! that's if i can get it on such short notice

    OR I can do the U turn wide and not put my feet down. The bike can do it in less then 7m (still have to practice but).

    I know some one that put there feet down and turned wide and still pass but accumulated no points anywhere else.

    ................. :roll:
  20. bout $90 or something like that, but make sure you ring tomorrow to make sure you can get one