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P's Test (SA)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by RGVMAN, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. Ive sent a couple of PM's with no replies so Im creating a new topic. Can anyone tell me whether or not they give you practice runs at the different tests? I will be riding one of their bikes, kinda freaking out if I dont get a practice shot! :mad:

  2. Don't want to freak you out more, but they didn't when I went.

    They run you through a few exercises for a couple of hours before the test which are supposed to prepare you for the test, but in no way simulate the actual test activities themselves.

    Its crazy really. We were a bit perturbed when all of a sudden they lined us up and we thought they were just going to run another activity. They then got out their clipboards and told us we were about to start the test. WHAT??? With no practise of the runs? No, right now. WTF!?!?

    I think they thought that if they just sprung it on us, we wouldn't have time to get nervous about it.

    I was in the same boat as you, having spent my entire L's period on a sportsbike, needing lots of revs etc. I found the tight u-turns the hardest to do - and even failed that part of it, because you just don't do that tight of turn on bikes like ours. (I did two u-turns in the same direction instead of the figure-8 they asked for!)

    Don't worry, you can fail two of the runs and slightly stuff up the third before you fail completely. So you get a fair bit of lee-way.

    Tell them what bike you've been using and they may at least have a bit of understanding as to why you're having such trouble on their bikes.

    I did mine in Millicent (I live in Mount Gambier) so it might be different in the City. But that was my 2-bobs worth.

    Don't freak out. Just do lots of practise riding really, really slowly. Every test you do is at extremely slow speeds. Do lots of really slow (as tight as you can) turns on your bike, using the clutch a lot to regulate the speed.

    Good luck! Let us know how you get on.
  3. Ok, thanks. I will keep you informed as to whether I pass or not! :D
  4. Yeah I know but Ive kinda left it too late as the course is this weekend! :D
  5. youl be right mate
    its not that hard, i dont evan know how i got my fulls lol
    a few others passed just barely and they were dropping there bikes
    which rider coarse are you goin to?
  6. Good luck RGVMAN!!!!
  7. Im doing it at Walklies Heights. Yeah Ive been practicing heaps on my dads dirt bike doing tight u turns Im feeling confident today. We'll just have to wait and see how I go on the day. Thanks for the support.
  8. Yeeeaaaahhhhh!!!! I passed! Im now offically licenced! Wooo Hoooo!
  9. Congratulations RGVMAN! :dance: :woot: :dance:

    All that practise paid off huh?

    Welcome to the wonderful world of being able to do 110 on yer bike! (cough cough)

    Only a year to go before you can buy a big bike now!

    (I've got a month to go before I can. Can't wait!)
    :dance: :woot:
  10. Sweet man. I cant wait to upgrade now! just gonna have to chill for a year, lol. What are you looking to upgrade to?
  11. congrats RGVMAN, I did my test at Walkleys too, instructors were pretty fair I thought.

    You can always do what I did - torture yourself by buying a bigger bike now & go to the shed to stare at it each day!
  12. My brain says an R6 or a CBR600 or some such.

    My balls say R1 R1 R1!!!

    I think my balls will win out in the end.

    *Edit: Although, I really do like the look of the new Daytona 675. And have read nothing but good things about it.
  13. Likewise, Walkley's is great. I did it there for my P plates...

    Millicent was great too for my L plates, just a bit of a drive on a Sunday morning...
  14. good to hear you passed mate
    so whne you getn your big bike
  15. Some how I dont think I could do that. After about a week I would take it for a ride! I couldnt just let it sit there!!!

    Sweet! I love the look of the latest R1 Special Edition! But its so expensive!

    I still have a year of restrictions but Im lovin the look of the Busa but not a fan of the weight. Im also becoming a fan of the R1 Especially the latest Special Edition (Black wid Gold rims!) I think I'll have to do some test rides before I can make a decision!