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P's Test Question

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Comet250r, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. HI Guys how you doing, just wanted to say hi and found your site to be very helpful when i was buying my first bike.
    Anyway just wanted to get a couple of questions answered if possible? i live around the north shore and i wanted to know?

    1. For the p's test is their any where you can practice the tests i.e go to st ives and practise when no class's are being run????

    2. I checked the rta web site and couldn't find the speed limit for p platers as i am resticted to 80km and travel along the m2 which is 100km.

    3. how many point do you get on your ps is it like a car you get 4 on the ps

    thanks guys
  2. Apparently there is a place out Penrith way where is all marked out in a public car park, but apart from there I havent heard of anywhere else. Not that you really need it anyway. Grab a few socks or a few pairs of shoes and measure it out in an empty car park and you'll be set. You might not even need a tape measure as your bike is probably pretty close to two metres long so you should be able to mark out most the distance's roughly using your bike. Eg for the cone weave place the cone either side of your bike at two bike intervals and you should be pretty right. (Does help if you have someone do it with you though)

    As for the speed limit, my brand new red and white plate in front of me says 90km. (Did my P's course on Friday)

    No idea on the points though sorry. I think it is the same for whatever it is on red P's in a car though. BAC is still zero.
  3. I'm pretty damned positive it's 4 points.

    Don't do anything naughty and you won't have to worry :LOL:
  4. well Im not sure how it is in NSW but in VIC its so easy.. i think its almost impossible to fail. They give you that many points.

    I still have my little paper telling me how many points i lost/gained. 4 points from the bannana curve thing.
  5. It's what ever points you currently have on you car licence as they are linked!! However if you do not have a car licence then it is only 4 points!

    E.G. If you are currently on your green P's (like me) and you have your bike red P's (like me) then you will have 7 points (whadda ya know....like me also)

    EDIT....ok i must correct myself here i just looked it up and Yes your are still restricted to 4 points for your bike P's. However, these are cumulative so when your TOTAL licence points reach 4 (regardless of wether the offence was commited on a motorcycle or not) you will have you R P1 class licence suspended.

    This is what came up when i did a licence check for myself.

  6. serious? you only get 4 points when ur on ur p's!? that sux... sux big time.
    Well at least in VIC we can gamble away. Loose your licence or not lose it but not get fined for a year. Something that still makes me laugh
  7. Im at the regatta center tommorrow for a P's test i will check it out if ,the public can use the course after hours is so ,them in a few weeks we can get the L platers together and go out there for a test run.
    I also hear there is a spot at port botany about 25 minutes from the city,that has the course on a road some where ,i will check that out also ,as its near my work.

    And hello and welcome Comet ,see you on a ride or coffee night ,all welcome.

    Cheers Sled.
  8. There is a course painted out in the carpark at UWS Campbelltown too.
    Go in the entrance, then head down in front of all the buildings. It is in the carpark closest to the railway.
  9. Just to save making a new thread, can anyone here confirm the period of the P licence? I had conflicting sources from HART and bike shops etc, and the RTA website is next to useless if you actually want to find anything, I've secured my next bike with a deposit etc and have the date that I believe I should get it lined up. But can anyone clarify from experience? In NSW, by the way.


    As for the P limit, mine says 90kph. :) I've been riding since Feb last year now, and I got my P on June 8th. So I'm hoping the end is a short while now. It's not that I don't love my 250...but you know...all relationships need a bit of excitement :wink:

    Oh, and good luck with the practice. The only person that failed when I took the test was a poor suzuki owner, who's bike broke down on the road ride, and he hired a 250 from the centre (St. Ives). Unfortunatly he dropped it when doing the emergency stop, when what looked like his throttle stuck. Felt so bad. Unfamilar bike and having to take the test on it right away. If you read this mate...bad, bad luck.
  10. I went and seen the P's course at port botany ,its on prince of wales drive ,it's only the U turn box and the cove weave spray painted on the road .
    If it was more then 20 minutes from home ,i would just get chalk and make you own course and save you a trip out there, althought its a good view and not a bad ride for a learner.
  11. On 8th of June, 2006, you should be off your P's.
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  13. I've been a sad bastard and was lurking pretty much all evening till someone told me.


    'Cos that's what I had planned for! Also (further mini thread de-railment) do I need to sit the theory test again when I do go to get my full licence?

    Thanks :)
  14. nope.
  15. You sir, are a saint. :applause:
  16. went for ride out to penrith regatta last week and had a look, they have the u turn, emergancy stop, and cone weave marked out.