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P's test (probably been covered...)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Storm Rider, May 4, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    been lurking for a while, and finally got my butt into gear and registered... anyhoo, just wondering, i've got my L's, will be right to go for my P's in a month(which I've booked in for) but I haven't done any riding since I first qualified. When i was knee high to a grasshopper, i'd be riding motorbikes at every occasion, and a lot of this came back to me during the L's test, but i spose my question is - is the P's test all that difficult that I would need more practice?

    I'm a cyclist during the week anyway, so two wheeled transport isn't unknown to me.... i'm just not used to a bike weighing 150kg :)

    Any info/words of encouragement would be appreciated!

  2. depends if you want to pass first time or not. It is not an easy test and I struggled practicing for it even though on the day I blitzed it.

    I would say practice, practice, practice and you will be fine.


  3. no offence but i think you will find yourself way under prepared, you can't compare apples with oranges which is what you are doing by saying you ride a bicycle to work, its doesnt give you practice in throttle control, or counter steering and counter balance of a bike that weighs 10 times that of a bicycle.
  4. Instead of asking us if some riding you had done when you where little is going to help, go out and PRACTICE.

    I had ridden on the farm when I was little aswell so I guess it did help a bit in the L's test (Expecially with my limited car driving experience) but I needed to practice my tight figure 8's and cone weaves a fair bit. There really isn't that much you do in the real world that correlates to these tests so you need to set aside some dedicated practice time or I would say you have a high risk of failure.
  5. If you are doing the whole day P's practice and testing oyu will be fine. If you can pass your L's then you can pass your P's.

    The P's test in Vic is very simple and dare I say it, if you cant pass it then I would consider not even riding.

    If oyu have a look at the www.ridetek.com.au website you can see all the items that you need to complete to pass the test.

    You will get so much practice on the day on the test tasks.

    They are: Left curve, Right Curve, Left swerve, Right Swerve and 2 emergency stops. Just dont preempt the lights.

    During the day they should teach you about counter steering and those funs types of items.

    Basically enjoy the day and dont stress about it. However, if you can, do some riding leading up to it.
  6. Coolies. thanks for the feedback guys. Main reason i haven't practiced is I don't have a bike yet. Hoping to rectify that, but was contemplating waiting till I was onto my full licence and getting a decent sized bike, instead of an in between...

    might have to reconsider that :)