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Ps test possible with cibby 250rr?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by stat, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. I was just practicing for the Ps test yesterday with a mate of mine (also about to do the Ps test) when we got to the cone weave and u-turn section. We set up the cones as per the rta website and then proceeded to go through with it. The cone weave got a bit tricky with the 250 but i later got the hang of it however the u-turn was proving very difficult in the 6.1m space u are allowed.

    i then had a go on my mates cbr125r and had no problem with any of the obstacles.

    ive done the other obstacles with my cbr250 but only had trouble with the u-turn.

    has any1 done the test with a cbr250?

    im sure it can be done but just having a few problems with it.

  2. HI There, I didnt do my p's on a cbr but my friend did, the trick is to move ure arms up a bit so that at full lcok ure elbows arnt in ure ribs also body position plays a big part in the u turn. Learn to get ure bum off the seat in the opposit direction so that u can lean the bike over as u do the u turn at slow speeds and u dont loose balance. Hope you understand what I mean.

    P.s I suggest hiring a cb250 for test super easy to do it on them
  3. oh ok. thanks for that. i'll give that a go!

    i tried the cb250s in the pre learner course and they were really easy to ride. so if all else fails then i'll hire one of those.

    thanks for the heads up!
  4. Can you do you P-test on your baby blade? Abso-phukin-lutely!

    On this site, to not do the P-test on your baby is just not acceptable:

    The reality is that if you have spent enough time on the bike and have been paying attention to your posture and control inputs, you should definately be able to pass the test, with some practice runs to help.

    If you can't crack it in practice, it's not because it can't be done, you just need to spend more time on the bike.
  5. i did my P's test on a mates xlr250 (turning up on an rgv was out of the question :p ).it was ever so easy to manouvre.a couple of dudes rocked up on shiny new black cbr250's and had drama's with the tight manouvering tests but they didnt practice beforehand like you do.so keep practicing but if you cant nail it everytime,do yourself a favour and hire something more suitable.
  6. i've got a cbr250r and i plan on doing the test on it

    the way i see it is if i can't pass a simple test on the bike then i dont deserve to get my p's - let alone upgrade to a bigger bike
  7. I did it on my CBR

    didn't do any practice before the test. Just listen to what they tell you and you will be fine. You get heaps of practice just before you do it anyway
  8. yep - i saw people doing their P's on all sorts of bikes when i was doing my L's course. they had hours to fcuk around and practise on the course and got plenty of instruction
  9. +1

    It's a great opportunity to really get to know your baby. Basically, passing the test on your cibby is a piece of cake, if you've spent enough time on the bike... which varies from person to person.

    Down here in the ACT you can go to practice tests on the last Saturday of each month. The practice tests are run on the same course as the actual test by the same guys and they mark you with the same critical eye.

    I failed miserably on my first dry run. Knocked over a cone and put my foot down a couple times on the slalom (then dropped the bike at the end, ahaha). Went wide on the U-turn and failed the obstacle avoidence (which is an instant fail).

    On the second dry run I was fine and only failed the obstacle avoidence (turned to the wrong side). When I did my test I did not fail any stages and passed easily.

    Everyone had been saying do it on their loaner bike. Everyone except the guys on www.cbr250.com. So, do yourself a favour and make the commitment to get your Ps on your cibby.

    Then go buy Keith Code's "A Twist of the Wrist II" and Nick Ienatsch's "Sport Riding Techniques" (for starters). I understand that Lee Parks' book "Total Control" is also excellent.

    Check out this thread for more on Keith:
  10. I did my Ps test on my friend's CBR250RR as i didn't have a bike of my own. I practiced in an empty parking lot in the morning and did the test in the afternoon.

    It isn't half as hard as people make it out to be. You just have to make sure your revs are nice and high and plenty of clutch slipping lol (don't make a habit of it though). I passed with minimal practice so i'm sure anyone can!
  11. Learn to do it on the type of bike you ride.

    The RTA doesn't make you take those slow-maneuvering tests because they hate sportsbikes and cruisers and want to see you fail. No, the RTA wants you to look cool when you're out on the road.

    Imagine how embarressing it'll be when you approach your local hangout on your Ducati 1098 (in matching leathers), only this time you're approaching from the 'wrong' direction - everyone outside is watching as you go to do a U-turn to park...

    You get halfway around, but oh no - Poor technique means your turning circle's not tight enough. You stop the bike before you hit the kerb, and then put both feet down to heave the bike's heavy arse backwards up the crown of the road - Who knew that the camber of a road was so steep? Meanwhile, several cars and a truck have stopped while you duckwalk your bike backwards like a toddler, and are waiting for you to complete the maneuver. If only you had a reverse gear to make it quicker! At least they're not beeping their horns (yet).

    The U-turn test is there to make sure you won't embarress yourself in front of your friends. Especially the ones who've seen Youtube videos of fully-dressed Harley Davidsons complete the test with ease. *nod*
  12. nice cut and paste , spots :D :D

  13. Don't laugh, spots. Lots of people in the US don't learn on 250s and lots have Ducks. I am sure the scenario comes up a lot over there, lol.
  14. HFTU...
  15. Spots I can turn a cruiser in a much tighter circle than a lot of 250 riders. A harley is no different. It's all about technique.
  16. Definitely agreed. :) (And probably even mandatory - it's hard enough to back the 200kg Tiger up the crown of a road, letalone a 300+kg cruiser)

    The 'Motoman'/'Motorman' videos are fun to watch, if you can stand the half hour of rambling talk leading up to thirty seconds of demonstration. Fully-dressed police HD's doing U-turns and the like.
  17. im taking my gn250 in for the test.. =]

    i would find the tight turning circle hard to do on a sports bike..
  18. thanks for ur input guys. appreciate it!
  19. I did my p test on my '98 suzuki across. It required a little more skill than the viragos they had, but i was much more comfortable on my bike.

    Just keep at it and you will be a better rider for it.
  20. I havent read all of the posts, but i did my P's on the cbr250rr and passed with flying colours.. I was having a lot of trouble with the u turn at the start of the day, but i got some tips of the instructor (hold the clutch in and dont worry about the revs :? ) and it seemed to work, by the end of the day i was only putting my foot down for about 1 in 5 turns... But yeah it is possible :wink: