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P's Test opps

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by live4themoment, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. Sorry i Put L's instead of P's lol.I am going for my P's this is my 3rd time today and i am using one of their bikes which should make it alot easier or i am hoping. Does anyone know if it is wet or the carpark is still wet when you do things like the braking test do the instructors take that in to account or do you still have to stop exactly in the same spot as in the dry?

  2. Where are you from?
    Try updating your profile details......

    In Vic. No allowance is made. Testing is done to the same standard, rain, hail or shine
  3. u should still be able to do it. its only 20ks an hour.

    hehe althou im sure a few people will lock up the rear and slide for a bit, as they do even in the dry.

    I dont think officaily they make allowwances for this as u should be able to perform the basic stuff rain hail or shine. But i get the feelin ur instructor may look the other way a little bit even if u go a bit over. besides even if u do its onjly like 2 points off.
  4. Last 2 times

    Last 2 times i got done in the same place i went over the yellow line in the uturn which is 5 points and put a foot down for another 3. And with the witches hats got to the last one and was to wide out to pull myself back in so missed it. I figure though i am using one of their bikes which is shorter thinner and lighter then mine so i should have no problem. I know for a fact the Hyosung could do the breaking easy but was just a bit nervous about their bikes
  5. No clue where you are, but in our part of the world the emergency stop is done @ 40ks & thats still piss easy. Rain hail or shine, either way even @ that speed should still be a piece of cake. Just start your braking according to conditions. Common sense really.
  6. Re: Last 2 times

    How much practice have you had?
    Good on you for having another go but it sounds like you need more practice or confidence.
  7. How did you go?
  8. Finally

    I finally got it. I was a bit nervous about using there bike as not used to breaks and clutch etc. When my friend went he was able to practice when the guy was doing all the certificates for everyone else. This guy said nope no practice so had to go in cold cocked. But the bike they gave me was good and easy and only got 3 points and that was in the breaking test. So was very happy to get it out of the way
  9. :woot:

  10. Yipee, no more testing till your 65 or something :grin:
  11. hey congrats

    so you were the guy that had done the P's test three times and got it today at campbelltown?

    congrats well done!

    i did see alot of people failing today...but well done for keep trying!
  12. I got my P's at Campbelltown today too. By the skin of my teeth. Accrued 8 points.

  13. Congratulations for persevering Live4, now get out and put into practice what you learnt :grin:

    Well done to you too Jorn :grin:
  14. Which

    Which one were you Jorn? And Congrats on getting yours. There was a guy there that had a really nice 250 honda which had great fairing. But forgot to ask him where he picked it up.
  15. I had the white/silver ZZR. I di the full course though. Were you one of the riders who came just for the test, late arvo?
  16. yes i

    Yes i was one on Black Hyosung but swapped to their bike for the test. Had black, white and grey jacket on. And only came for test at the end.