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Ps test on ZZR250 - U turn possible on this bike? YES PASSED

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by dc, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. Hi,
    I've been practicing lots for my Ps test on Saturday. I have a ZZR250 and I've been really struggling with the U-turn.

    Did a day post-learner at HART and while I improved slow riding a lot and finally nailed the S curve bit (trick is to go faster and lean the bike a bit more!) I still struggled to do the U-turn without going over the line on the way out, no much maybe 20-40 cm each time but still enough to give me the sh!ts big time!

    I've since practiced a lot more and now use the rear a lot more and can pretty much turn the bike in circles on full lock. Still struggle to get to full lock until about 1/2 way through the turn but I really dont' think I can get any tighter.

    Any other ZZR250 riders out there wanna give me some tips? I've tried keeping the bike straight up and on full lock but it's tricky, esp at the start. I've also tried leaning the bike into the turn more, while leaning the opposite way slightly to balance it - still can't get it tight enough as the bars wont stay on lock this way.

    Starting to panic a little as I'm worried about not getting through the test for this silly reason. U reckon I can get through the test putting a foot down on the S curves + foot down on the U turn?

    btw, been practicing on the course sprayed on Prince Of Wales Dr in La Perouse, dunno if that box is the official MOST test size or not but I can't get totally inside that on the Uturn. :-(

  2. I am just going to be bunt here :D

    I did it on an RVF400 no problems.
    The instructor told me some stories afterwards of some of the bikes he has seen it done on and they are bigger than my 400 or any 250. for example he did it on an VFR800.

    My advice is. PRACTICE ... mark it out somewhere ... make it smaller than what it is in the test... then do it till you are sore then do it some more. I actually practiced a fair bit to get it right (i think i gave myself RSI in the wrists). I practiced on that same spot the one painted in yellow after all the speed humps? its smaller than the test BUT you should master the marked one then when the test comes you will be laughing at the other guys stressing out :D

    I actually think I can do the turn without full lock but it is close to it. Its more about the lean. rear brake and higher revs.

    I found the cone weeve the hardest but the one for the test is actually alot easier than what i had practiced .. I was pisses at myself when i fcuked the last cone up and put my foot down (a foot down is alot better than a drop or a stall). If you only make one 2 smallish mistakes you will most likely still pass.

    Practice and HEAD CHECK, HEAD CHECK, HEAD CHECK (head check is the easist way to fail the test). try not to psych yourself out , if you think you cant do it or that our going to fcuk up you will. Also if you do make a mistake, dont dwell on it or you will make more.

    Good luck, have fun :D If you like I can come for a ride one day after work and we can work on it. I finish at 4PM just ask if you want a hand (disclaimer I am still a noob on my P's so my range of help is limited :D).
  3. I did mine on ZZR250 with heaps to spare. I did a fair bit of practice and you may have to try moving left on the seat a bit to counterbalance right hand turn and lean angle. Perhaps you need to practice getting it to full lock quicker.
  4. for slow speed learn away from the way you are steering the bike (top of th ebody goes to the high side of the bike), use the friction point (pickup point of the clutch and the rear brake (not front) to control it speed and balance, again look where you want to go and stay relaxed.....also what i noticed was (being a big twin they have quite a snatchy throttle, so th esmoother you are the better too........they are possible on any bike, i have just completed the HART inter. course last weekend, and as such spent just over an hour (last night actually, while wait for someone) practicing on my sv1000, and gotta say by the time i finished i could hang a u turn with bars on full lock.....so the smallest turning circle the bike can do....all without placing feet down......from there go into figure 8's i.e. one way then the other........practice practice practice is the only way to get better

    cheers stewy
  5. The ZZR250 should be an easy bike to do it on. I can do it on my bike no problem.
  6. the Prince of wales drive Uturn box is harder than the actual test.

    I can meet you after work on Thursday down there to give you a rough idea of how the uturn is setup at the official test. PM me if you're interested :)

    I've been trying to get my GF's ZZR250 through it and it's an absolute pig (my car can seriously turn in a smaller radius than that bike)
  7. Thanks for the tips so far... I guess more practice is the key if it is possible.

    On the day I jumped on a CMF250 thing to have a go and it was super easy on that. The ZZR is fairly long and relaxed in the steering but I'll try leaning a bit more and trying to keep upright. I'll also try getting onto full lock earlier, figure 8s should help with that.

    Gonna be tricky for me to get down before sundown this week, only got tonight and tomorrow to practice. Might just chalk the local industrial estate carpark and go from there.

    My gf reckons I just need to HTFU and practice more too... was just looking for the easy out I guess. :)

    Thanks for the offers of help too btw, doubt I can make it down before 7.30ish though and they close sundown.
  8. Tips:
    -Increase idle speed to 2000rpm for the test day
    -Feather the clutch
    -Use a bit of back brake
    -Weight inside foot (apply pressure onto footpeg with foot)
    -Look where you want to go
    -Dont tense up too much
    -Practice. I set up a box and just did circles of uturns until I got dizzy
    -Ride in the city alot. Gives you very good low speed/clutch control skills.

    FYI: When practicing, I did it in 4 metres quite a few times.
  9. Short answer = YEP :grin:
  10. Mate, its not the bike. :oops:
    Practice and dont be tense and dont think about failing.
    Use a little throttle and drag the rear brake but most of all practice, practice and practice.
  11. Practiced a few more times, did practice on the day in the pi55ing rain, cleared up over lunchtime and passed with flying colours in the arvo!

    Thx for the tips and also the reminders that it's not the bike but a lack of practice... :grin:

    Few things that stood out and helped me
    - practice. lots. practice u-turns in 5m box, figure 8's, circles, seeing how slow u can ride etc.

    - clutch friction point changes when u turn the bars! get used to feathering it/ finding it with bars on part - full lock, on a hill etc. get it automatic so u don't even have to think about it.

    - ride in traffic at slow speed getting used to just how much you can stand on that back brake and still keep upright. nearly stopped, crawling forward etc. all helps learn throttle/ clutch/ brake control.

    - don't get psyched out by the "test" part, u spend a good amount of time on the day practicing, stuffing up etc. so try not to psyche yourself out. actual test course is a lot more spread out than practice and u just do one or two bits at a time.

    - remember u can still pass with a foot down/ hit a cone/ go over a line so put that out your mind during test too.

    But yeah, practice lots and remember basics like knees in, good posture and RELAX!
  12. Well done, congratulations on passing on your bike.
  13. Well done mate.
    Congrats on passing and for taking on board what we suggested here.
  14. well done dc!
    We didn't have to do U-eys in the Vic test.
  15. I've got a KZ250 LTD wonder how that will handle, anyone also ridden one and can comment?
  16. Hey mate, having been in same position and now passed my advice - go mark out a 6m box and practice doing it!

    Just work on doing circles getting closer and closer to full lock, see how the turning circle is on full lock with the bike upright, if u want it tighter let the bike lean in more.

    I reckon there's very few bikes that can't do it - just a matter of building confidence and skill on the bike!

    Seems annoying to practice but once you master it it does feel good, find a quiet car park and put the hours in!