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P's Test on a CBR250RR

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by redliner, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I am just about ready to sit my P's exam in NSW. I currently have a CBR250RR.

    Just wondering if any of you guys out there have done the P's test on this bike?

    I have a mate that done his exam on this bike a few years back, and recommended i hire one of their cruisers to do the exam in to make life easier for myself.

    All feedback will be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks guys...
  2. Don't know about Sydney but in Melbourne I will be doing my P test soonish.

    The instructor said in no uncertain terms don't use your own bike for the following reasons.

    1: You might drop it!
    2: The CB250's they use down here are perfect for the test
    3: You might drop it!

    Also I think that some testers might look at you a bit closer if you are on the boy racer CBR250RR, even though it is a nice bike.
  3. General consensus is that you will find the cb250 style much easier to manage at low speed - which is what the test is all about. Easy steering, easy throttle.
  4. I did it on my ZZR250 which is a pig of a bike in tight, crawling speed stuff and i passed without stuffing up a single technical thing (i did forget to headcheck once though, DOH!). There was also a guy present on the day who passed on a FZR250 and he didn't put a single foot wrong on the day either (perfect 100% score)
  5. Hi mate ,i have read a alot for questions the same as yours and it's really 50/50 ,some did ok some didn't i think it's the rider.
    If you can't do the 6 meter U turn ,it maybe a drama ,get a tape out and chalk and see how you go .
    I got my test tuesday ,and i will be out all weekend training for it.
    Read this post heaps of info. test.

  6. Why do people insist on using different bikes for the test. If you can't do it on your own bike then should you really be attempting the test??? Any dimwit can ride a motorcycle when it's moving a moderate and above pace as the bike does all the work for you. The real test of how skilled a rider is get's shown when you see him riding at very slow, crawling pace.

    How are you anymore likely to drop your bike in the test then you are performing the same moves out in the 'real' world??? If your crap at slow riding then you are crap at slow riding. OK yes you are alittle more nervous but if you get heaps of practice and if you are really that nervous then maybe you aren't ready. I wasn't nervous as i had practiced the test (both during and before the day) and i knew the areas i was strong and weak in. If you think your getting unbalanced then just put your foot down and stabilise yourself just as you would in the 'real' world. If it is during the actual testing period and not practice then yes you will get a points penalty but unless your bike had a problem (like engine spluttered and unbalanced you) then you should just cop it sweet because you deserve it

    There is a reason that the test is all slow speed, tight cornering, crawling pace stuff. I'll give you a hint (it's probably the hardest thing about riding a motorcycle because if you don't know how to handle the bike it'll get lazy and want to have a lie down on you)
  7. the u-turn is your only worry as full fairing bikes have crap turning circles but ifin you feel comfy on your bike use it as it will be easier than trying to get used to something you have never ridden alought the cb250 is probably one of the easiest bikes in the world to ride anyway goodluck and dont stress as when my bro got his one idiot was racing around fell off twice and they still passed the f#*kwit :cool:
  8. IMHO, I HATE the cb250, compared to the CBR anyway.

    Its more akward after getting confident on the CBR... having said that, you might drop it... so i would still use theirs :)
  9. If he fell off during the actual testing phase then it is an automatic fail no questions asked.
  10. Well he must have had connections then cause he walked out of there with a pass no questions asked
  11. hi redliner welcome,

    they teach you how to do the things on the day, when i did my p's test i watched the instructor show how to do all the things, and he did them on a bmw 'cop bike' 15t (i think or something like that) i dont think you will have a problem at all. i can do most of the things on my suzuki.
  12. Hey don't disagree, but if you do drop it it still will cost a lot less than a CBR250RR to repair.
  13. In SA there's no way you could pass the test on a CBR or ZXR etc...
    You're required to do a U-turn and a figure-8 in a painted rectangle.
    The CB250 *barely* makes it with lock to lock steering, you've got about 1ft for error.

    The slow speed straight line test where you have to ride at a pace less than 1m/s for 15m in a straight line could probably be done on a full faired bike, but they carry their weight higher, have a sporty riding position which doesnt suit low speed stability and a more difficult rev/clutch control.

    The slalom would be harder on a sportbike for the same reason.

    I dont know what your P's test is made up of, but I'm glad I did mine on the CB250, as the U turn and figure-8 would have been physically impossible.
  14. use their bike so you don't have to pay for the fuel :p
  15. If HART allow me to i'm going to give the P's test a try on my cbr this sunday and if i can do it in the practice i'll use it for the test.

    If they let me use my own bike i'll report back on monday :)
  16. Same thing in tassie they even have 175 road trails over there as well they make it easy but they useally give them to the smaller people as I am around 90-100kg (depending how many visits to hungrys) I did mine on an old TA susie talk about SLOOOOWWW :grin: :grin:
  17. gives me an idea for a new PepsiMax commercial !

    . . . . dude turns up to a P's riding test in SA on a Honda Goldwing. :LOL:

    . . . theres no SUGAR !!

  18. Haha too true :D I'm cacking myself laughing :p

    I have seen the P's test and as said above it would be impossible on a faired bike.
  19. In NSW you have to complete a U-turn, Off-set slalom (MUCH harder then an aligned slalom), crawling pace Right Angle left-hander through a. This is all very testing and very tight but i don't know how the dimensions compare with SA??

    If it was PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to complete the licence test on a sports bike like that then how do they let them begin the test on one??? Could that not be considered illegal?? If you gave the instructor a ZX2R for example could he have passed the test?

    Seems completely wrong that they would let you attempt a test on a bike which guaranteed you won't pass!

    Here a link to the NSW P's test for those of you interested in seeing what is involved.