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P's test metres...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by mon_4u2c, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. Just some questions about the P's test

    How far apart (metres) are the witches hats for the weave?

    For the U-turn how many metres is the turn either side?

  2. where abouts are you from mon? There's a few places where the P's test is spraypainted on quiet roads. I go down to Botany to practise on the one down there.

    Apparently there's one in Olympic park, but i'm not sure where abouts that one is.



    thats a link to the pdf on the RTA website which outlines the test :grin:
  3. cheers

    cheers and thanks

    i'll be doing my test out campbelltown way...i heard homebush has lines painted out?
  4. I wouldn't mind knowing these places so i can go there for the hell of it.
  5. hey Cleverlie have you got your P's yet?
  6. Nah mate im past all that, full license now, i just think it would be interesting to try it all again.
  7. Prince of wales drive in botany, spray painted in yellow just before the last speedbump before the end of the road. It's on the right hand side. The U turn box is easier to see because its in the middle of the road
  8. Hey Smeghead - I live in Randwick also, new rider and saw your post about the P's practice test in Botany. Can you tell me what its made up of? Sounds like its a good idea to ge down there and practice..
  9. dastrix, we now have to meet up!! you wouldnt be on a GS500 would you? i've noticed one or two new ones of those cruising around Randwick recently!

    i'm currently bikeless due to an accident... should be getting one soon! (next two weeks)... i can show you where the course is marked out on a quiet road (i drive, you can follow), and i can show you some of the route for the organised ride

    join the ESriders group, we're all from randwick or nearby and organise rides around the eastern subs, or just have coffee!


  10. Smeghead, ill do that now :) (sign up)

    Nup, that's not me! I'm on GN250 hehehe which I'm hiring from a guy I know for a while.. my mate lives next door and he too has a GN250. We just got our gear on the weekend and want to ride alot for our booked P's test April 28th.

    I'm heading OS on the 8th of May for 3months so ive gotta pass! Need to practice as much as possible.

    We want to do our first ride tonight when I get home. I did ride from the nth side over to randywick which was a bit daunting :p

    Happy to meet up and do group rides, sounds great!

  11. how long have you had your L's for mate?.. don't think i've seen the bike! Looks good though!

    my P's test is on the 6th may... and i need a bike!! hopefully buying one in the next two weeks... I'm after another VTR250! or a babyblade...

    waiting for the insurance cheque to arrive this week...

    dammit lol

  12. James, just added you on MSN and joined the MSN Group.

    I've had my L's for about 8 weeks, but only got a bike (renter) last week.

    Cool, so you're after us! I bet you had a stack more riding experience - we have basically NONE! (I rode dirt bikes aaaaaaaaaaages ago)

    Nice bike mate - good luck with that. I'll buy something when I return from OS. First step is my P's then I might look at a 07 Hyosung GT650R LAMs approved job - look nice.

    PS: We want to go out to Botany tonight...
  13. I can do botany tonight, i get off work at 4 ish today!... i'll pm you my number.

    unfortunately that bike is no more :( ... had an accident and wrote the bike off... as well as the car who hit me... I'm looking for another though! (see https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=33753 for more details of that)

    the Hyosung... hmmm, i have a mate who's owned two and has had nothing but problems with them.... have a look at a Suzuki GS500f... they're more expensive, but they're still LAMS!
  14. Cheers! ill be home by 5 id say, ill sms/call you and we can tee it up...

    Damn, lucky your ok! thats the main thing :( Ill look at the Suzuki
  15. dastrix ,read this thread its great for info.


    Pleas note....... when it he says ,you can skip and cone and go straight head ,in the cone weave section ,DON'T.
    You will loose alot of points if you skip a cone and don't TRY to go around it, its cheating.
    One of our guys did it and ended up failing.
  16. I wouldnt be skipping cones, id do them all. I went down last night to the Botany test area and ill be spending alot of time there practicing the box,cones,emergency brake and so on...

    Got 1 month

    Thx for the tips