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P's test in NSW

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sjnn, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. hey guys,

    i got to go for my P's soon, i heard it is hard and most people fail first go unless they do it on trail bikes. Anyone care to share their experience and/or give me a few tips as to what i should expect and practice?


  2. The staement about trail bikes is a little sweeping. What the main problem seems to be is that a lot of people who try to do the test on sports bikes find it extremely difficult because sports bikes have a much more limited turning circle and so the slalom and U turn tests become very difficult.

    So a naked bike or a trailie is much better suited to that type of environment.

    My son-in-law has a ZZR250, but he hired a bike from the testing place and got his licence first go. Perhaps you might like to consider that.
  3. thats a good idea... i actually have a ZZR250 aswell

    i might try hiring one..thanks
  4. sjnn, to counter the thing about the difficulty of the test and what what people say (not that I've anything) about trail bikes, when I did it, everyone passed except one guy on a ZZR and a guy on a trail bike!

    I did mine in NSW out at Rouse Hill.

    I don't think the riders on my day found it difficult. There were two groups of about 6 each, from memory. There were a couple of CB250s, an Across, my VTR, a Hyosung GT650R, a Zeal, NSR150, etc. A fairly mixed bag. True, the Hyosung and the Across found it more difficult but they got through just the same - the Hyosung being a less manouverable and the Across had bent handlebars!

    My tip is to set out some cones just like the test route (see the RTA website) in a parking lot and have a go for a bit. At least then, when you do the test, the layout will be familiar and you'll be a little more at ease.

    Out at Rouse Hill (and I suspect with most centres), they'll let you have a few goes at the elements before testing.

    Like I said, nearly everyone passed without dramas on my day and they said that unless you're going to be a menace on the road or a threat to yourself, you should be able to get through.