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P's test - Hire or use my own bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Pedro78, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. Hi guys,

    Im doing my P's test this week and am trying to decide whether to do the test on my bike (suzuki across) or hire one of their cb250s.
    I did a 3 hour practice session with stay upright about a month ago and the main thing that caused me concern was that during all the low speed manouvering the across's temperature kept rising quite high.
    The other thing i noticed on the night was that the guys on the cb250's were able to do the u turn alot easier and in a smaller distance than what i could on the across.
    I have no doubt that if i take my time and nerves dont get the better of me then i should be able to pass on the across but im just wondering if people think its worth spending the extra $150 to hire one of their bikes?

  2. are you in sydney?

    have you got a mate's bike you can borrow?

    thats what i did... because i couldn't for the life of me do a u-turn on my own bike within 6.1 metres without putting a foot down..

    $150 seems abit steep but an overheating bike might have roadworthy issues? afaik they don't let you do the test if the bike isn't roadworthy anyway
  3. Yeah im in sydney but my mates are all on 600's so doesnt help.
    The bikes definately road worthy. I should probably clarify that it was after close to 1.5 hours of constant low speed manouvering that the temperature started rising. Not sure whether anyone else has experienced the same thing but the instructor didnt act like it was out of the ordinary. When i questioned him about it he actually recommended that i do the test on my bike rather that spending the extra $ but im just wondering if the whole thing will be easier if i just do it on one of their bikes.
  4. Mate I think it comes down to whether you are supremely confident on your bike in doing the actual test which is only a short 5-10 minute exercise or.............whether you would be even more confident on their machine. :roll: your choice.............

    By the way, I hired one of theirs when I did mine and, I was offered the bike for the test only which was about $50 or........hire for the whole day which included the onstreet bike rides and that cost the $150.

    Check out the options :wink:
  5. Yeah its $150 for the day or $60 just for the test.
    It may end up being the wrong decision but I think I have convinced myself to give it a go on the across.
    I’ll save myself $150 plus at the end of the day if I can’t pass the test on my own bike then I probably don’t deserve to be upgrading my licence yet. All I have to do now is not let my nerves get the better of me.
  6. Well i did my P's test at Clyde today on my Suzuki Across.
    I was pretty nervous about the whole thing but am very glad and relieved to say that i passed.
    Big thanks to my instructor Les who i had for both the practice session that i did a few weeks ago and again today for the test.
    Its a shame that i just miss out on qualifying for the mature age rider scheme like most people i have met along the way but as they say practice makes perfect soi'll just have to do my time on my P's.
  7. Hey Pedro, I am about to book my test through the RTA and I was wondering how you choose to hire one or not? Or do you choose on the day? And is it $150 on top of the $151 for the test??


  8. Yeah its $151.00 for the test and another $150.00 on top of that if you hire the bike for the whole day.
    I think you just have to call the training centre at least a day prior to doing your test if you want to use one of their bikes and then you pay them in the morning when you get there.
  9. James I have seen you ride ,you'll pass easy.

    Just practic the U turn ,the rest you will be fine. :)