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P's Test Help!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Rider_Chick, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. I'm currently on my Ls but I'm going for my Ps Next month... I would love if anyone could give me some helpful info on the Ps test... Im super nervous!!!

  2. Every state is different, but one piece of info I can give is don't try to rush it. Do it as slow as they'll let you. Also, 6 months from now, no one (including yourself), will care how many points you lost on the test as long as you pass. I passed my car licence by one point (bc I was nervous and too cautious), but no one cares.
  3. Got to agree with GreydogGreydog don't rush it, don't worry about how anyone else is going just ride to your own beat :).
    And find an empty car park and practice what you can so on the day you know you have it covered.
    Good luck :)
  4. I'm so nervous lol... Ive been reading up on the RTA website with all the circuits included to pass the test and its overwhelming but I haven't booked my test just yet... I'm out the front practicing as much as possible.. im a stress head lol
  5. Thanks Jeffco.. I will keep that in mind
  6. Relax.
    Point your chin where you want to go.
    Don't look down.
    Don't forget Head Checks, every time you start rolling.
    Don't forget to stop, in first, in ready position every time you stop. Right foot on brake, left on ground, clutch in, in first gear.

    For the U-turn and zigzag (slalom) don't be shy about using plenty of revs, and then keeping speed down with rear brake and slipping the clutch.

    For the "quick stop" don't be shy about speed, it's better to be a wee bit faster than being under the speed nominated...20 kph.
    The distance measured takes your speed thru the speed measuring device into account.
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  7. Before you head down to do the test get hold of a heap of witches hats or training cones and find an empty car park and set-up the test course and practice, practice, practice.

    I took my wife and son to either the car park at Jubilee Park or the Riverina Playhouse car park on Tarcutta st.

    Let me know if you haven't got any witches hats or cones and I'll see if I can find our old ones. I'm pretty sure they're in the shed, somewhere.
  8. Empty beer cans work quite well, if you don't have any cones handy.
    If it's windy, you need some water in them, but not much.

    I admit it. At my place, I have the space for all the MOST, and, in the recycling bin, LOTS of beer cans.
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  9. As all above.

    But also this - you mentioned in another thread that you're pretty short and have dropped the bike already quite a few times. As this test consists of a fair bit of slow riding and balance, you will need to be very confident on your current bike. Have you considered doing the test on one of their smaller and lighter bikes (correct me if I'm wrong but I believe you should be able to get a CB125 which is a lot easier to handle as a shortie). Or you talked about lowering your biek, if you're serious about that then why not do so well before the test to allow you to get used to it?

    My wife is short and even an inch off the seat makes a huge difference to her confidence and thus ability to move the bike around.
  10. You should be fine. They give you plenty of time to practice and the practice course is setup harder than the test course. Check YouTube. If you're in NSW there is plenty of complete clips of the whole test which you can watch to give you some idea exactly what to expect.

    The only people to fail in ours was on the fast stop. Two ladies on scooters didn't stop quick enough.

    Also, don't leave it really close to your L's expiry as you can sit it again if you fail, but you have to wait a week. One of the ladies that failed had her L's expire next day, so she had to start again with new L's.

    Good luck
  11. What CrazyCamCrazyCam said. And go to the Sydney Learner Sessions in Homebush for some practice. Hire a 125 for the test (although practice on your own bike both now and in the future). From what Ive experienced and understood from others, HART at St Ives has really nice instructors over other locations so may make you feel more comfortable if youre nervous. They still follow the RMS procedures but very helpful and approachable if you need it.
  12. hi rider chick,
    im an instructor with stay upright... did ps today at rouse hill and all 6 passed. as long as you take all the help and advice on board and apply you will be fine. if you are worried go and do a practice session at clyde, that will prepare you. then you can enjoy the day knowing that you can do it....
    good luck
  13. I did my license test really recently (in Victoria). All of the advise here is spot on - try to remember back to your L's and undo the bad habits you may have picked up :)
    So long as you have gotten some hours on the road on your L's, you'll be fine on the license test.
    At the end of the day, the instructor will pass you as long as they know you're not overconfident and you'll be safe on the road and keep practising and learning!
    I basically just scraped through the test, but that meant that I walked away knowing that I still have heaps to work on!