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P's test group ride?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mon_4u2c, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. Hi all

    I've heard that during the P's test there is a group ride? do you loose any points on this ride is this part of the test? or is it just to fill in some time?

  2. The instructor goes through and looks at each of your riding individually (you all take turns leading the group with the instructor in 2nd place) and the instructor basically makes sure you know how to handle yourself on the public road. Basically so long as you remember to indicate, don't speed or pull any wheelies or stoppies, or drop the thing, you'll be right...
  3. which RTA are you doing your p's at?? there's usually a set route they go through...
  4. Hi i'll be doing mine at Campbelltown Uni
  5. not familiar with that route... i know the botany one takes you through a really slow 20 zone... annoying
  6. How long does the ride go for?
    Because ive seen the yellow vests take a group down mt usley, but more recently, have seen them cruising just along narellan road.
  7. I Did

    I did my P's at Campbelltown uni on Saturday. In which may i say i failed note to everyone if you own a hyosung gt250r practice the cones and the u-turn lol. You go up the Narellan rd. turn and go past the narellan town center turn right and head towards penrith you then turn and head through i think it is cobbity and come out at the back of the main street of Camden. You stop about every 3kms first at tims garden centre the next is just after you turn off from the town centre then next is in cobbity and next is couple of stops up from there and last one is in camden then all the way back down camden valley way to uni. Hope this helps if u want to know more IM me
  8. Just wondering, where's Mt Usley around Campbelltown?

    Anyone else doing it at Campbelltown this Sat 24th Feb?
  9. ehh dude.

    the ride through town is for experiance feed back only u are not graded on the ride through traffic
  10. Yep i am, red across

  11. Re: I Did

    id love to know more, doing the test end of next month at Campbelltown.. could you give me a good run down? Thank you
  12. anyone doing the test on the 5th May at campbelltown?