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P's test coming up

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Wally, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. Hi, I booked my P's test for the 1st of October at Adamstown, NSW. I've practised the slow U turn and cone weave a few times and I'm having a lot of trouble. Cant seem to stop putting my foot down. What is the correct way to lean with these slow speed corners? I'm going to be doing it on my Hyosung GT250R.

  2. Rear brake, also try counter leaning, get your ass over the opposite side of the bike.
  3. Practise and more practise, thats all it take along with patience, being relaxed too..
    You'll be fine, just practise as much as you can and when you get frustrated, get off the bike, take the helmet off, and take a seat for 5 mins and relaxe!!
  4. I did mine at Adamstown on a GT650. It's doable.

    The bloke there did say however if you're going to hit a cone hit it, don't stop as you'll get 2 faults instead of one.
  5. Don't go so slow. keep a steady pace with a slightly higher throttle and clutch at friction point. Use your rear brake to control your speed and I think you'll find it easier.
  6. Like many said, rear brake is your closest friend for the MOST. I did mine on a long wheel base cruiser, harder to make tight turns. I dragged rear brake all throughout the test and kept a high rpm.

    I passed with a perfect score. Or a perfect 0.
  7. haha ok cool, i'll be practising all of those techniques before my test, thanks gyes.
  8. Borrow a tiny light bike, like a postie bike, for the test.

    Should be a piece of cake, after all the test is on maneuverability, not speed.
  9. As I recommended to one of the guys on the day, if you have a terrible bike, just purposefully miss the second cone. Missing the second cone makes the cone weave ridiculously easy, and you only incur one point for it. The number of points you need to fail is a travesty really - it's pretty hard to accumulate them. The only people I saw fail, failed by not being able to do a specific task.

    You shouldn't incur any points on other stages if you've done a few U-turns. In general riding you've surely practiced your quickstops and swerves.