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P's test coming up, front tires are bald.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by GreenNinja, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. P's test coming up, front tires are bald. Do the instructors check the road worthyness of the bike?

    And I am changing the tires "very" soon, but can't do it before the P's test.

    Doesn't affect my handling much unless I'm taking a corner fast.

  2. I almost got barred from my P's test for have a faulty indicator, had to go to the nearest servo to get a replacement before I could do the test...

    Yes, they do check roadworthy as they take you out on the road, and they can't let you ride with them if your bike is unroadworthy.

    Can you borrow a bike off a mate for the day??
  3. Yeah, they tend to be pretty tough about that stuff.

    They make you hire a bike on the day if its not road worthy as you have to go out on the road.

    Cost of hiring a bike could be better spent on a new tyre too.
  4. Front Tyres

    GreenNinja fo f's sake get the tyre done , what you gonna do test then not ride the bike, geez I hope this was not a serious question .
  5. Yes, they are pretty strict about stuff like this. I know that's not what you wanted to hear, but unfortunately you'll just have to get a new one before your test.
  6. Re: Front Tyres


    they don't inspect car's when you go for P's, so I'd assume it was the same for bikes.

    Yeah getting new tyre's today.
  7. Found some Bridstone BT45 fitted $128 fitted.
  8. Know somewhere that's cheaper? :p
  9. Re: Front Tyres

    Yes they do inspect cars to be road worthy when you go for your P's. if they didn't when you went the tester must have been slack.
  10. Oh really! better i ask now than showing up on the day and being refused to go for my P's (therefore losing my fee aswell).
  11. Yeah they definatly test the roadworthyness of all vehicles before tests, and alot of the time they make you show them that they work and that you understand the functions of the different parts of the vehicle.

    It really pays to make sure your vehicle easily meets the roadworthy tests, because the last thing you want to happen is to loose your test and money because something isnt up to scratch and then have to book in again and do it.