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P's Test Advice

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ucanttme, May 31, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone just a quesiton bout the P's test im going for soon, I ride a hyosung GT250R, which hasnt got the greatest turning circle but awesome brakes and im very familiar with it, the turning circle is making me wonder if i should ride it for the test OR use my dads old yamaha XT250 trail bike with drum brakes, so my question is should i go with the not so great turning circle bike with awesome brakes or the Not so great braking bike with awesome turning circle? just trying to answer this question with myself so i can pick the right bike to practice on, thanks alot, any advice welcome, ride safe.

  2. turning circle ftw

    did mine on a CBR250RR - do-able, but tricky. the guys riding hired CBs had no issues going round the u-turn, or through the cones (both of which I had to accept losing a couple of pints, put my foot down in the u-turn and skipped a cone)
  3. Wouldn't over analyse it.

    Be confident and at the same time flexible - both have two wheels.....

    Also u might want to find out if u can use one of their bikes for the test.

    Good luck
  4. I used one of the hired CB250's at stay upright in Clyde, they are awsome bikes to do you test on, very easy to do tight turns. Also don't worry too much about brakes, you're mostly using the rear brake during the test, even the emergency stop can be done with no hassles as long as the bike has a roadworthy.
  5. you did your P test on ur cbr?? there is no way you could do that in adelaide.
    maybe the tests are different in your state but in adelaide, you could make the turning circle. i even walked one and still couldnt make it.
  6. i think im just gonna do it on my GT250R, and just practice alot, thing with the trail bikes is when i was first learning to ride, i took a handful of the front brake and hit the dirt HARD, so ever since ive had this terror of trail bike brakes stuck in my head and i dont want that surfaceing in the middle of a test, but then again their turning circle cant be ignored.
  7. you can get a good idea by making your own course. The U-turn is six metres so get 2 rocks and place them 6 strides apart.

    Too easy.

    I was on a Spada which doesn't have a brilliant turning circle, and I practiced for no more than 10 minutes. After practicing, I had easily more than a metre to spare in my test.
  8. Use your own bike. You know how it handles etc. My big wide Z 650 passed just fine. The cone weave is heaps harder than teh U turn anyway, especially if you have a cranky, hot aircooled four! LOL!
    Just practice slow speed riding in a carpark, figure 8's are very god, you learn the transition from left to right turns etc. Just try and go as slowly as you have good control.
    I didn't actually practice any of the manouvres before I got there, you wil have enough time to get a feel for it in the practice session, and will be fine IF, and only if, you have been practicing your low speed stuff.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. you should learn to do it properly on whatever bike you're on. I was able, as many before me, to do the uturn on a gs500 inside 5.5 metres or so they give you. But yes, if you're afraid to fail and just want to get the license, use something with a killer turning circle.
  10. I thought you would have failed if you put your put down when doing a manoeuvre. :? Maybe the testing officer did not see your foot touching the ground.
  11. Go to the truck stop just outside Berowra on the way to the Old Road.

    On the LHS there used to be the markings for the P's test. It probably needs re-spray painting but it's a great place to practice the test manoeuvres.

    It's a big bike and I reckon the u-turn is do-able on the GT250R if you've got enough speed and flick it around. You've got no chance trying to turn slowly.

  12. HAHAHAHHAHHAAA i was there today! i somewhat........ditched school, and went up there and went up n down that truck stop doing U-turns , didnt see any markings, just a family eating lunch staring at me weirdly lol you a local Rick86?
  13. I'm learning on a Honda VT250C and at a recent course I attended, even one of the HART trainers found it a bit of a challenge on the cone weave. For my own peace of mind, I'm learning to do the slow speed stuff on my own bike, but there's a good chance I'll just hire a CB250 for my P's. No point making it harder than it needs to be.

    And by the way, if you're thinking at doing your P's at HART at St Ives, I've just booked in - earliest I could get is end of July!!!
  14. ........and there's always cash...............
  15. HEART nsw, do you have to hire the cb 250s? because in melbourne im sure , not positive you can only ride the cb 250s while going for your Ls or Ps. Also i hated the drum brakes on the XT 250 , just didnt pull up in time.
  16. Yep HART in Vic wont let you ride your own bike . Too many problems with roadworthying bikes before the test and stuff apparently.
  17. i got mine coming later could i use the postie it small amd brakes are good i practice doing the carpark turn and its prety simple or should i just stick to my scooter
  18. who can tell me the spacing of the cones in the zig zag? and did i read correct the u turn space is 6m?

    i could ve sworn, although it was a long time ago that the u turn space was smaller. maybe it was because it felt like that to me...
    ive been on my buell showing the lil lady (while waiting for her bike to arrive) the u turn and how best to do it,l in my 3.8m wide drive way. she is gonna be a lot more happy about the 6m :)
  19. I'm from North Sydney but used that area with some mates when we were going for our P's last year. We spayed the course markings in white but last time I was there, months ago, they had all but faded.

    My garage is 5.5m wide and I could turn my old Across within that space. The GT250R is much more difficult so I've not really tried on the Hyo yet 'cause if I don't make it I'll hit the wall. :shock:

    If you pass your P's on the Hyo you'll be the first that I know of.

  20. According to the HART instructor I spoke to (St Ives), they're happy for you to use your own bike. He also reckoned that if you felt you were struggling during the P's course on your own wheels, you could switch across to one of theirs for the test. Perhaps some of the guys who have done their P's might have some thoughts on this.