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P's rider course

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by BRD007, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    Got my P's rider course on Sunday, was wondering if anyone had a diagram or a drawing showing basically what the course consists of.

    Just wanna find out what I need to really consentrate on in more detail. i understand its mostly slow speed riding.

    Does any body of a diagram or a visual image of the course?

  2. There was a post a while back that actually had links to the testing officers' handbooks for the test, for the different states too. have a search and see if you can find it, that lists EVERYTHING, and what kind of demerits you get for stuffing up different parts.
  3. Try the RTA website theres actual diagrams. best thing you can do is practice in open carparks heard theres one in cambelltown =S otherwise take some tennis balls and go to krispy kreme carpark but i doubt thats ever empty =S good luck
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  5. Good luck Mate!!!!!

    Slow speed stuff is what they test on, also emergency brake and swerve.
    Practice fast idle/friction point/rear brake and do your cone weave and U turns.

    Let me know if I can be of assistance!

    Cheers Dave.
  6. yeah good luck. its much easier than the L's test. all you need to do is convince the instructors that you are capable of riding safely on the road - that should be no worries if you've been riding alot.
  7. nah mate he's from NSW not vic. different test here. its quite different to the L's course. there are U turns, cone weaves, emerg. stops and a road ride among other things.
  8. you serious? you have to do a road ride , how hard / easy is to to actually get your P's in nsw ?
  9. some fail, most pass first go... nearly everyone passes eventually so I hear.
    I watched them do the test a few times at hart (training / testing centre in nsw) and its all low speed control tests. looks like anyone with regular riding skills would nail it. A lack of confidence seems to be the big issue with some riders, as a lot of noobies get wobbly when maneuvering slowly. I am trying to iron out my U turns before the test as thats where I suck!
  10. Good Luck Matey.......You'll do fine.

    Let us know how you go.
  11. hey is there anyone that can help me ride a bike
    ill pay if needed
    im going 2 buy a rs125 im in love but im not 100% at riding a bike
    i got told its like changing gears on a car

    is that true??
  12. Do you have your L's?
  13. im ganna go for them next week but im sceard im ganna fail n spend

    $100 for nufin
    thats why im asking if anyone cann help me

    i got my green pz for car if that helps?
    and i drive manual cars
  14. i think the learner course will be enough - or take the pre learner if you're not confident. i'd never ridden a bike before - the last time i was on a pushbike, i had an accident .. and let us never speak of that again - and hadn't driven a manual car in a couple of months, but the instructors are used to dealing with total noobs so i'd say just go for your licence first, worry about the bike later.
  15. They teach you all the basics on the course, if you can ride a bicycle then you should do fine.