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P's points?/ doing test tomorrow 9/10/06

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by chickibabe, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. Hay there guy's can anyone tell me what are the point's you lose on the obstacle turn and emergancy stop? I've been out all week practising and I've got cone weave and uturn and left turn with stop going good but I seem to struggle with these two. I think I might be setting up before you can. I'm not not quite sure as I've had no one watch me do it. Or are these a total fail for the whole course. Or any help on how to improve it would be great. Wish me luck guy's 4 more days and I'm unrestricted :grin: :grin: hopefully.

    Cheers Lou

  2. Obstacle turn: if you hit any of the cones or hit the outside lane lines it's an automatic fail. Remember you get a second chance if you enter too slow or turn too early.

    Braking: You have a certain amount of distance (determined by your speed) in which to stop, if you pass that distance then you get points against you based on how far over you are (I'm fairly sure this is correct). You also get a second chance if you are going too slow or you begin to brake too early.

    With the obstacle weave it helps if you just go out to a carpark and do figure 8s as this really helps with your counter steering. Just remember the basics, in particular to relax your upper body, it's much easier to steer the bike like that.

    If you are confident with your braking, then all you have to work on is the timing. The trick, at least for myself, was to not look at the line/cones. Yes you probably brake a little late doing this, but if your confident in your braking you can bring the bike to a stop in very little distance so you have some leeway to play with.

    Hope it helps (and makes sense).
  3. Thanks Haggismaen, I can just see myself passing the other stuff and stuffing up on these two or one of then, an there goes my money. Was not quite sure if it was like a couple of points or straight fail on these two. Hopefully I'll get it right on the day and maybe the guy's or gal's at RouseHill will give me some tips if I'm still stuffing up. Oh by the way I found a carpark near home that I've been practing in, but thanks for the offer to go to homebush.

    Cheers Lou
  4. Nice work, I'm afraid I couldn't help you out anyhow as I'm currently bikeless.

    You should get plenty of practice on the day and, like you said, they'll walk you through the best way to do it.

    Just remember, thousands of other people have passed it so you can too. Alternatively, it's definitely not the end of the world if it goes pear-shaped.
  5. Anyone had trouble doing the P test on a zzr250 or similarly faired bike? I've heard alot of people say its quite difficult because of the lack of manoeverability from the bike.
  6. I'm sure if Gypsy can nail it on his 650 V-star with pannier bags attached you can do it on the ZZR250 (it being only a 2-cylinder will make it easier as well).
  7. Re: P's points?

    Great to see you are practicing. Just relax and dont be stiff at the bars. The test is easier than it looks.........Relax! :)
  8. Well d day is here tomorrow. I just wish this wind would POQ :) . So the nerves a little on edge. Althought wind doesn't bother me that much, it is rain. Have never riden in rain, so it will be interesting if it is. Hubby will ride out with me if it is raining.( it's he a nice other half). So hopefully by tomorrow at 4.30 I will kissing that L plate goodbye. :grin: And if I don't pass, it is another learning curve.
  9. Goodluck for tomorrow chickababe, I'm sure you will pass no probs. As everyone said just relax and yeh you will then be able to kiss the L a long goodbye.

    I myself will hopefully be joining the long kiss goodbye to L's club, and will be booking myself in for my P's in the next week or so.

    Again Goodluck and happy cruising :grin:
  10. you need to be able to counter steer and brake quickly or u will not pass.

    i practiced heaps and felt i couldnt do it but when i saw the course there was plently of room so don't worry.

    when you do the U turn make sure you dont go OVER THE LINE and PUT YOUR FOOT ON THE GROUND. you will fail if you do both but you can get away with one.
  11. Re: P's points?

    In a car license test you can't get any coaching from the instructor sitting next to you. On the bike test you can coach yourself, vocally if you need to. Think about what you have to do, say it to yourself out loud. It might help you focus more on what you're doing and what you need to do. If you're not thinking about what might go wrong, you won't have time to worry about it, or hopefully, do it. Good luck.
  12. Thanks guy's and gal's, well it's early and I'm feeling good :grin: the butterflies are still there, but only a little. The wind is still about but at least it is not raining :grin: :grin: :grin: . Will let you know this afternoon how it all goes.
    Thanks again :grin:

    Cheers Lou