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P's/Overpowered bikes and advanced rider courses?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by deathsminion, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. Ok, I've done a search, and after going through the first 18 of 462 pages decided it hadn't been covered yet. Searching "overpowered bikes and advanced rider courses" isn't the best search, as it's mentioned several times in every thread on this forum. :)

    I'm planning on doing the superbike course, however, I would prefer to do it on the gixxer, as the CB isn't much of a superbike, and I've pretty well taken it to it's handling limit.

    However, I am on restrictions. Do any courses allow the use of restricted bikes?

    Given a positive attitude, and will to learn, I don't see why it would be such an issue?

    Immediately I thought insurance reasons, but further thought provides that most insurance is void on tracks.

    I could just call somewhere, however I'm at work, and now I've given all you guys something to do!
  2. No such thing as an overpowered bike. just under competent riders :grin:
    Dont know the answer to your question though but would say tracks are private property usually.
  3. Well, Stay Upright say no.
  4. I know at PI you need to be licensed for the bike you want to ride or hold an MA license.

    Pretty sure all the other courses (HART etc.) require you to be off restrictions if you want to ride a bigger bike. :)

  5. HART Tullamarine will let you ride a CB600 Hornet on their Intermediate (and Advanced too, I think?) course so long as you have a License, restricted or not. Only on their skidpan, not on the racetrack.

    I'll be taking one of the Hornet courses closer to October this year, partly as a refresher and partly to get an idea of what to expect when I start test-riding lawlhooj bikes in October. :)
  6. If your talking about doing California Superbike School (used to be called Australian SBS), you'll need to use a restricted bike, but trust me, if it's level 1, it's not going to matter much. You probably won't get out of fourth gear until the last run if the day, anyway.
    Level 1 is mostly conducted at relatively low speeds.