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PS# or Xbox - which to buy?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by wayno, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. looking at getting a gaming console to fill some spare time. Which one of the above 2 is best?

    i'm thinking secondhand 60 gig PS3 at the moment

  2. PS3 is newer than the XBox 360 and much more expensive!
  3. Wii!!!!!!!
  4. imo the 360 is more user friendly for other stuff htan just gaming. but ps3 has bluray and a few different games.

    i love my 360 so might be a bit biased.

    but i alos own a wii and they rock for just pick up and play fun....
  5. i have a PS3 and do not regret it
    you won';t find a 2nd hand 60 gig one for a cheap price at all. only benefit is 20 gig more space and SOME backwards compatibility.
    but I put in a 300 gig hard drive on my PS3 (i got a 40 gig) and it doesn't void my warranty - just uses a notebook hard drive :)

    pros: Blu Ray - you will never watch movies the same way again. it still blows my mind when I stick on a blu ray movie & see how unreal it looks.
    Games: Uncharted, Warhawk these are 2 of the PS3 exclusives that we can't stop playing in this house. also have a GREAT selection of other games like Buzz, SIngstar, Guitar Hero, Metal Gear Solid 4, list goes on
    Free Online Play: that's right, online is FREE on the PS3
    RROD?: Unlike the XBox, your PS3 is a lot less likely to have any hardware problems. No red ring of doom.

    Cons: if your mates have xbox games you can't borrow them. No backwards compatibility, but ever since i got my PS3 in Novemebr last year, i haven't touched an old game at all.

    i love my PS3.

    EDIT: in regards to the xbox being more user friendly for 'other stuff'? well my PS3 also houses my entire itunes collection (plug in ipod, and hit copy), a crapload of photos, and it's connected to my PC as a media server (i.e i can watch movies stored on my PC on my LCD TV & through surround sound, by using the PS3)
  6. I have an XBOX360 and love using it (when I get a chance to). But the PS3's Blu Ray performance is a huge added benefit. The PS3 is supposed to be upgradeable to Profile 2.0 (when it is released).
  7. thanks heaps, i was looking at 60gig ones on egay with a few games for around 1k, might just get the cheaper 40gig version if it's easy to upgrade the hdd
  8. my 360 croaked it yesterday...the dreaded 'ring ring of death'

    so lets just say i'm not getting the cheerleaders out right now...

    reliability is a point though, some reckon about 20 precent break, and i was all smug about mine up until yesterday...

    playing motogp too... :(
  9. PS3, i've only got the 40GB but they are the best gaming console. I must admit XBOX 360 has some kool games only available on that format but meh!!

    I've only ever owned playstations, i've still got my PS1, and PS2 with games. There's no point in selling them cause they're worth peanuts but i still play games on them like crash bandicoot haha.

    Try them both in a store see which one you like, XBOX is heaps cheap, you get what you pay for.

  10. I'll come out for the XBox 360. The XBox has a better range of titles available than the PS3, XBox Live is brilliant if you are even remotely interested in online multiplayer gaming and the XBox Live Arcade is a great source of games and demos. I have bought about half a dozen XBLA titles since I got my 360 a few months ago, all stuff made by smaller independent developers which would never make a retail release.

    The Blu-ray drive in the PS3 is an obvious bonus, and the early XBox hardware faults made many people wary, but as a previous PS1 and PS2 owner I have to say I'm glad I switched camps this time around.
  11. +1 to everything Edgelett said. I'm in love with my PS3 :bannanabutt:
  12. My kids have Xboxes and I have the PS3 now they've finished Halo 3 I can't get the bastards of the PS3...
  13. PS3 more games should come up v.soon or if you have a friend in Japan you can ask them to get some for you. Japan got a lot of interesting games out already(like Armored Core 4 or Gundam series when I lived there).
  14. PS3.

    If nothing else, the Xbox is too unreliable.
  15. And you get what you pay for.

    New 360's don't have all the overheating issues anymore, and any older version that do, Microsoft extended all warranties to cover it.

    All of which a 360 can do.

    And 360 controllers > PS3 controllers.
  16. i got the 360 mostly because of its extender capabilities.. I run a vista media centre pc in my lounge room and the 360 means I can have all that functionality in another room, live tv, recorded tv, movies, music, online content etc... very nice!

    you can get a blu-ray upgrade too :grin:

    PS3 I have seen to be nice and really crisp display, but i cant go past the media centre compatibility on the 360 for my needs.
  17. This is starting to turn into a 'should I buy a Hyosung' thread :LOL: Everyone knows the PS3 is far superior but the X-Box (Hyosung) owners use the same Hyosung arguments like; 'the older models had some issues but they're all fixed now' etc etc :LOL:

    Sorry, couldn't resist :wink:

    You do get what you pay for 2ndclass - PS3 costs more because it is a better machine on all counts. :p I'd rather pay more to get a better machine with more potential. Give it a year for the programmers to work out what can actually be done with the PS3 processors and you'll be seeing some shit hot games.
  18. Are the xboxes actually any cheaper I've bought 2 for the boys at different times and from looking at EB games you need to get the elite to get full HD and a 120 GB drive but you still need to buy the wifi separately and pay extra for online play.

    They both play games, they are both UPNP media centres the PS3 has builtin wifi, standard rechargeable batterys in the controllers and a Blue Ray player the xbox is $50 cheaper and has a bigger disk.

    Take your pick but the PS3 looks sexier too.
  19. You have to admit though the PS3's pretty bloody chunky compared to my PC Hard-drive :eek: . The X-box's slimmer and to get off the topic a bit, my EEE's mini laptop's even slimmer
  20. Nope sorry you've lost me there entirely...