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P's - Licence Course

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by nodz, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. Coming up to having my licence three months at end of April. Want to start really preparing for P licence test.
    Not sure that I'm really ready for booking licence course at MTA only to blow the $200 if I don't pass.

    What can I do to really start preparing, so that I can go for test as early as possible?

    Shoud I perhaps go and talk to instructors at MTA and see what they say?

  2. If you can ride on the roads you should pass.

    All you need to practice is emergency stops and left/right swerves at 20-25Kph. I assume you are competent cornering, if not practice this as well.

    The morning session you practice all of this anyway.

    Here is a previous thread about this https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=5478&highlight=licence this covers it all.
  3. nodz,

    I am going for my licence at the end of April also, I ride at least 2 times a week, to give you an idea I have already travelled at least 2,000k's.

    Went on a ride recently and tones who is an instructor at Ridetek and will most likely get my licence there, he gave me a few pionters, I was also told they are cheaper than MTA. Dont forget you get a discount with both MTA and ridetek if you are a member of Netrider.

    I went for learners at MTA, and found them good, but when guys from these training centres take time out to go on netrider rides I think thats great support. More info here www.ridetek.com.au

    The advice I would give you is get out there an ride every opportunity and your licence wont be a problem.
  4. VtrSteve - I ride everyday about 50km in peak hour traffic and then try to ride about 200-300 at weekends. I've currently done same amount of kms as you but trying to get that up a bit higher in the next couple of weeks.
  5. Nodz, I would say you have nothing to worry about, if you fail the test, you can have another go for I think $40.
  6. nodz: I'm doing my License at MTA next Saturday morning. I'll let you know what it's like :)

    I don't reckon it'll be that difficult - when I did my learners with MTA, they gave us plenty of time to practice and prepare, and I'm assuming the same for the license course.
  7. I think it is $20 from recollection (it was 2 years ago if you failed your l's anyways - may have changed or it may be different for p's...)

    And I do think you will be fine. I was on the p course with several people who hadn't rode since their l's and they still passed! This shows either that the practice they give on the day is excellent OR the fact that the VIC p course is to easy OR a combination of both.

    oh - and I also believe that the l course is harder to pass than the p's.
  8. I did my Ls and Ps at Ridetek, No problems at all. It was Mel, and I think Steve, who were the instructors. Both Laid back type of blokes. They spend most of the day with you on the course so even before the test they have general taught wether you are good enough to pass.

    As far as riding part of the test goes, I reckon L part is much more difficult then P part. On P part I had left hand curve, right hand curve, 2 emergency stops and swerving . Peace of cake. If you do it on their CB250 they will even take into consideration that it's a different bike than yours and you 're not quite used to it.

    As they say above, if you can ride on the road, you got nothing to be afraid of.
  9. Cool!! I've booked in for my p's.

    :D :D
  10. Good on ya Lids, bout time too....:LOL:....from what I'm hearing you'll be fine.
  11. Go for it Lids, after last weekends effort you shouldn't have any problems :)
  12. Lids you are a legend, anyone that gets 25 bikes to a ride and leads, will pass with flying colours...
    Me's waiting for the big party announcement.....Good Luck I will be thinking of ya....
  13. The only way you can fail your P's course it basically to fall off, stall or not do you emergency stops. In Vic you're allowed a max of 40 penalty points on the course, and to get anywhere near that you have to be trying to fail.

    You'll all be fine :D