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P's finally done

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Collo, Mar 15, 2015.

  1. Finally pulled my finger out and did the MOST.
    Red P's for a year then full licence and no capacity restriction.
    Happy days.

    As a bonus I got to do the road ride part in pissing down rain...

    Thanks to all the helpful stuff posted here, I read a lot more than I post.


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  2. Good onya....

    I wish you much joy of motorbike riding. :)
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  3. well done :]
  4. Nice one
  5. Well done.
    One of the best feelings ever.
    Only a year till a new bike?
    Took me a while buy mine, but I'm happy as.
    Once again well done.
  6. Happy days indeed, although that thunderstorm can't have been fun.
  7. I got my Open Restricted about four or so weeks ago, loving every single minute of it. I paid for a two days Q-Ride, after successfully completing the the second day (assessment) I picked up my bike from the store and rode home. Cyclone Marcia was due up north and close by so it was pissing down rain, I was kind of scared about riding home on my brand new bike in the rain on the main busy highway of Brisbane. It was a good experience for me. I commute to work everyday with my bike and if I have enough time I practice riding up and down Mt Glorious, preparing for a litre bike in about 11 months time.
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  8. Cheers fellas.

    The instructor cut the ride short because of the weather, but luckily it eased up enough to do the actual test. I really didn't want to have to go back again to finish it lol.

    Apparently if there's lightning around they aren't supposed to have the group out in it.
  9. 'Lighting', what about heavy rain? Their was no lighting when I did mine but it just pissed down.
  10. Dunno, rain wasn't mentioned as an issue. Though I imagine there's a limit for safety reasons.
  11. Congrats on passing...
  12. Well Done on passing... now keep practicing.
  13. Congrats!... I remember the day I got my Ps (only last Oct so not stretching the memory bank too hard) and just couldn't stop smiling while riding home in the rain
  14. Missed this post.
    Because I'm over 25 i can be exempted from doing green P's.
    Whether I upgrade straight away will be determined at the time (and depending how I can bribe the mrs) but it probably won't be too long after.

    Been looking at Strykers for a few months now. Should be some 2nd hand ones floating around in 12 months time...
  15. Well done you! Hang on to those Ps though...12 months is seeming like an eternity to me I have only had my Ps 3.5 months lol!
    I too now drool over various bikes (but I don't let my little Ninj know ;) ).
    I think the rain and heat have to be spectacular for them to halt the MOST. I did my MOST in 40 oC heat noice! But better than storm I reckon.
    Happy riding and window shopping! :)
  16. I had my Dririder jacket on so the top half of me was ok (except for the open face helmet part lol), but my jeans and shoes got soaked. As did everyone else's so I wasn't alone.

    I'm just glad I can take the big yellow target off the back of my bike now.

    See how a slightly smaller red target goes...
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  17. Get out of town. Did you do yours at Tuggerah? If so I was in the same group on the silver Honda Hornet!
  18. Na, was at Newcastle mate.