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Ps Day and MOST

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by stevewelsh, Jan 7, 2014.

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    while the focus of the day is perhaps the MOST test, and thats what gets talked about (of course). I thought some of the most useful aspects came out of the group ride, and the instructors view on riding technique. I thought these were quite subtle points, but really useful, and worth mentioning in this area... if I can ride using these principle all the time, I'd be better and avoid possible accidents, but they require a cool head and a disciplined approach, which I bet I wont have the maturity to maintain all the time...

    Specifically, the points made, that weren't completely obvious to me after three months riding, but had been mentioned during L's were:

    Being able to stop in the space you can see to be clear ahead. This meant counting 1-1000; 2-1000; 3-1000 starting when the car or whatever your following passes a stationary landmark.. if you pass the landmark before 3-1000 you were generally too close - speed permitting. Ended up meaning a much larger gap than I had been getting comfortable with, and required a bit of discipline to maintain.

    Buffering from hazards - the instructor did this way more aggressively than I had been doing - moving about in the lane a lot. For example - close to the centreline of the road when passing parked cars - but making a deliberate move to the centre of the lane when cars approached the other way. Using the whole lane to his advantage. I had through that a steady predictable line would be better - but having watched it demonstrated - it gets people to notice you more because your moving around more and gives you more space to play with. Also reinforces the constant vigilance you need and stops you just riding along daydreaming.

    Pre-loading the brakes around hazards (e.g. person about to walk out onto the road or a car about to pull out. Made you do something proactive about a hazard, cut reaction times, and meant you where more comfortable, as you were controling the situation, not the other guy.

    There was more than this he discussed on the road ride (ashamed to say I've already forgotten some of his great advice) but this was the first (and I guess only..) chance I got to ride with someone able to pull all this together. I got the impression if you could make these habits you'd make a massive difference to the risks.

    So - thats the main thing I got from the day.. the instructor also had a little story I thought was useful. He often tours around the country on the bike with some mates.. and most people he comes across seem to want to brag about doing 130km/h average on their trips, he relayed to us how he responded by saying "why? do you like it that way? I like being on the bike, I'm in no rush to get somewhere ealry and get off.. I'd like to take it in and enjoy it without the grief at a pace I can take it in without worrying about how I'm going to die in thirteen different ways"..

    Anyway - good day. The MOST itself was something I'd prepared for - just getting a few cones and measured out in a car park and making myself do a few U turns properly whenever I got the chance. That, and commuting and making sure I got to a newbie session with chris at homebush to pull it all together the week before seemed to be enough to be able to approach it with confidence. Few jitters when the guy before me failed, but I decided to approach the day as something fun rather than a chore, and that helped a lot.
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  2. Yeah, the HART instructors also gave a lot of advice outside the test material.
    Similar stuff to above and advice on protective gear.
  3. I liked the people at HART, seemed like they actually cared about what they were doing. Was thinking about doing some of the advanced courses to try and pick up some tips before i'm back on the bike in April.
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