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PS Dandy HUGE sale

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by DRMAT, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. Anyone pick up any good bargains this weekend at the huge sale? My parents went past Sat and said there were hundreds of people there, we went this morning and it was packed! Went there looking for some more gear for my wife but not a lot of good stuff for us particularly. Only helmets on sale were SHARK and a few SUOMY ones and neither fit my wife properly, all the gloves seemed to be XL or XXL except for the dedicated ladies ones with no real protection and no Darggins or anything on sale. Most of the stuff was MotoX shirts, t shirts, dvds, hats etc. Weird when lots of people were buying helmets boots and jackets that weren't on sale and same price as when i was there on Wed!

  2. actually there were unwritten 15% sale on all items

    i bought couple of oils
  3. yep thats right. whatever they have as usual day to day items had 15% off and then they had the mega clearance of $10 t-shirts and other more motocross gear..
  4. picked up a suomy helmet dirt cheap today. approx half retail at 180 from 370. friend picked up a helmet and a pair of gloves. also got a free hat after i was asked to armwrestle one of the employees lol, good bargains to be had most definitely.

    friendly staff considering how many people there were, will definitely go back again.
  5. Ahhhh... well then that would explain it!!
    Still didn't do us any good with the clearance items and i can get 10% any time having bought my bike there. Sales staff down there are all good guys though in my experience... if a little tardy, stood at the counter waiting to be served for a good 5 mins the other day!
  6. Got me a free dyno test :grin:
  7. Picked me up a AGV Ti-Tech size ML, tinted visor, and a pair of RST* gloves for the low price of $560 :)
  8. You guys know if the sale continues over to this coming w/end?
  9. prob. not
  10. Sign only said 22-23rd.
  11. Doubt it- I have some vouchers that say 15% off spare parts and accessories if you want one... it's valid til November 30