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P's Course

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ucanttme, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone..... Im going for my P's course and test on thursday on my Hyosung GT250R and im getting kinda nervous... everyone here helped me with advice when i bought my bike, when i got my L's, now im asking for advice again for my P's :) thanks everyone, anything would be helpful, regards.. dan.

  2. Mine is 2morrow lol i really don know how im gonna pass it
  3. lol man we might get lucky with advice at this hour of the morning lol... where you doing it? im doing it at the HART training centre.
  4. the P's test is really no different from the L's, if you have practiced your riding and are confident on the raods, it should be a breeze.

    my only advice is to just take it slow, easy and concentrate, you know you will be able to pass it, so just relax and dont stress.

    the only tricky part is the counter steering but its not so hard.
  5. ive been really practicing my U-turns and balancing the rear brake etc coz my bike doesnt have the most awesome turning circle, anything else i should be practiciing?
  6. Just relax. My biggest problem was that I froze up and it took me 3 tries to get through it.

    You'll do fine.
  7. Practice the slow stuff.....get a GOOD feel of how slow 20kph really is!
    It is so easy to get excited and speed through the emergency stops/obstacle test etc but just slow down and take it easy.
    I found the cone test a bit pointless and I stuffed the obstacle test by hittinh the tennis ball! Which was an instant failure (as is failing the emergency stop). I think the most common fault is going to fast, which can be tricky...going too slow is kinda obvious though! U-Turn is OK if you realise how large the turnign box is and can practice. Download the course and tests and practice.
    Road ride is easy, just remember the head checks, helmet discipline ( I got chipped for putting mine on the handle bars) and be safe.
    Good luck ! :cool:
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  9. Yeah, and while the instructor is telling you what you're going to do for each piece of the course just keep repeating in your mind "had check head check head check..."

    Make sure you also know the course :)

    I practised with off-set coke cans and measure off the U-turn in a car park before my test. That was ok, you also get to practice at your own pace, can stuff things and try again etc.
  10. Yep! Head check. Every time you are about to move off, look left, then right and move off. Make sure the head movements are visible, and not just turning the eye balls. Just remember to do it each time before you move off. The rest is quite alright. You'll be fine!
  11. Make sure you remember to headcheck! :p
  12. headchecks....what else??? starting to get nervous about it tomorrow *bites nails* lol help!
  13. Just give yourself as muchroom as possible.

    If you really think there is a move you can't complete (u-turn for example) then try to remember that you can still pass the test if you put a foot down.

    Better to put a foot down than drop the bike.

    If you're that scared, hire a CB250. Guaranteed pass.