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P's Course @ Regatta centre?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by gumnut, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. Hi there,

    Someone mentioned that the P's course is marked out at the Penrith Regatta centre. Can anyone tell me where it is exactly with in the centre?? I am a new rider going for my pre learner course in a couple of weeks and am really interested in knowing.

    I live in Sydney but I am doing my pre learner up the coast, will I be allowed to do my P's test up the coast as well or will I have to do it in Syd? Any comments??

    Thanks JK :cool:
  2. i think you can book at any rta aproved place you wish ?

    i did all mine my L's and P's at St.ives I was 16 & 9 months 1 day when i did my L's then i booked in again 3 months later for my P's

    the Learners course gave me the basic's but i found the P's to be far better in terms of practicle road knowledge
  3. Enter in the third gate (Gate C?) and then go over the bridge. It is the first carpark on your left. Good luck with the P's test.
  4. The Penrith one is often in use (it's where I did my P's course 3 weeks ago), so after-hours is probably the best time.
    I also found the cone weave marked out at Port Botany on Prince of Wales Drive. I practiced there, but it closes at sunset.
    And you should be able to do your P's couse where ever. Depends on Availability. I did my learners at Clyde, and my P's at Penrith, but they also offered me a spot in Bankstown or Bathurst.
    Good luck.
  5. I found it was difficult getting a weekend booking when I was going for my L's prelearner. There was a 6-8 week wait for Sydney based RTA rider schools. I ended up going to Tuggerah, and on that weekend 95% of the attendees were all from Sydney !!

    It looks like when its time to get my P's I have to pre-book early to get a Sydney booking or go statewide again.
  6. Yeah i have only got 16 days left on my L's havn't booked in yet ,to many bills and the boss won't let me spend any more money on the bike .
    Oh well might have to do the L's again ,i will be like Rossi ,cuting up the newbies on the L's course, will be interesting never over taking anyone before.

  7. Can't you renew your l's without having to redo the PreLearners course. Apart from money making, I can't see any logic to it.
  8. Yeah you can, $40 im told ,just waiting on checks to clear ,bloody banks.
    Hopefully on my full licence in a few weeks ,then vroom vroom ,i might go over 85kph.
  9. ...that's better than having to redo the whole course/process over again.... good luck with getting off....your restrictions, that is....
  10. As far as I knew if your L's expire in NSW you'll have to do the Pre-Learner training again. Could be wrong, especially if Sleddog was told by someone at the RTA, however I think there is no renewing your L's without a valid Pre-Learner certificate and they are only valid for a month from date of issue so you can't use your old one again.
  11. h0nd@ is right on that one. Your L's are only valid for 6 months in NSW. If they lapse, then it's off to training again. There was a guy on my L's course who had already done the L's course 3 times before. Not sure why he always let them run out... seems like a big waste of money to do the course 4 times.
  12. hey me too! except i did my Ls at the regatta centre and my Ps at botany :)
  13. Ok ,i rang the RTA and no P's courses before my L's run out, so i have to do it ALL over again :evil: DOH! my fault should of booked earlyer ,2 weeks is not enough.
    You " can't " extend them ,i got into a L's course before my L's run out only 10 days waiting for that course :roll:
    Oh well atleast i can still ride and i will ride to the L's course :LOL: .
    Going to rouse hill ,this time. . :(
  14. OK ,update .....
    I rang the RTA like 10 times and got a cancelation , and it's tomorrow at the regatta center.

    oH well see how i go ,report back tomorrow.
    Head check
    head check
    head check
    head check.

    I bet i forget. LOL.
  15. Good luck Sleddog. Just relax and enjoy the day. The morning is spent practicing for the test. Then the test is over before you know it. The arvo is spent on an easy road ride. Then it's just a quick dash to the RTA to get your P's!
  16. Well i got my full licence today ,after sitting the P's test.
    The course is painted on the ground in the public carpark ,but they are there most days of the week,and weekend I think.
    After seeing the course ,just get some chalk , make up a course your self ,there not much to it.

    U turn box ,con weave ,the rest is easy.
    Thats about it really.
    The course is easy and you get heaps of goes before you do the test ,i was so dizzy from how manys goes i had ,i had to stop .
    Got 1 point for foot down in the u turn box .
  17. congrats sled on passing m8 does this mean we can tear up the freeways at 110 ?
  18. Do you lose a point for actually removing your foot from the peg, or do you have to touch teh ground with your foot?
    I am booked in 6/5 so should start practicing!

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. Your foot has to touch the ground .
    In the U turn part it's 1 point for foot down or 5 points for hitting the line ,so if your not 100% ,pull in abit tighter and point your foot down IF you have to ,i aced it 30 times ,but stuffed it in the test.
    Its very easy really IF ,you have done your home work before hand .

    Some tips.

    Practice the U turn at home its 6.1 meter wide ,use your revs and clutch and BACK brake.

    A thing is didn't really worry about was the cone weave ,i should of done more practice at home before hand ,it's alot trickyer then it looks but not a problem after a few trys .
    Its all revs and clutch and BACK brake.

    The trick for the emergency stop ,is making sure your doing "over" 20kph ,so practice getting to know what 20kph feels like ,or sounds like ,and just grab all the brakes ,skid what ever there is no rules ,just STOP with in a few meters.
    And DON'T go for the brake before you hit the yellow line ,then brake hard.
    I did all the test in 1st gear so practice ,just in first ,you don't have to worry about changing gear once your moving.

    The bigest thing in the test is the ,sharp turn to the left or right ,at the instuctors choice he will tell you before you start what way to go left or right .
    You pass a line and then dodge a half tenis ball .
    It's pretty easy ,i did it 20 times and never hit it and no one else hit it in practice or in the test ,BUT if you do hit it in the test you FAIL on the spot.
    So practice this at home ,the course is on the NSW ..RTA website ,with all the measurments and pictures.

    We got like 2 hours pracrtice ,on every thing so even if you didn't do to much home work ,you should be ok after a few trys.
    The road ride ,is not really part of the test ,its lessons on buffering and looking for hazards and then stoping and talking about what hazards we seen.
    Then the test in the arvo ,you do all the 8 little courses one after the other ,it takes about 5 minutes if that ,then the next guys has a go.

    The major thing thats easy to forget when in the test and most people lost points for was HEAD CHECKS ,looking over both shoulder BEFORE moveing off ,just remember as your set and ready for each section of the test ,"first thing" HEAD CHECK ,then do your U turn or cone weave ect.

    Also i did my test on my bike ,its alot bigger then the cb250 ,and it was not hard as i have riden my bike and done my home work BUT one guy on a
    V STAR 600cc yammi cruise ,the instructor said ,your going to find it hard and advised him to hire a cb250 ,you got not hope on a large cruiser IMHO.
    I can't see why a CBRRRRR ,or zzr couldn't do it ,if they have riden and practiced.
    The instuctor was very very good at the regatta center ,easy going and really gave good info and easy to understand ,the day is more of a lesson and worth the $140.

    Well all i can say is if you practice at home ,its a walk in the park.

    OH and one more thing ,book well in advance like 6-7 weeks there booked out and ,if you fail you wait 7 days and go back and do the test part again in arvo ,not the whole day.
    So make sure you get time left on you licence ,just incase.
  20. ....a V-Star Yammie huh....? Did he pass using the Yammie or did he end up hiring a CB250? I obviously ask 'cause I have a vested interest in this......