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Ps at Botany 12 Mar 3pm

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Kelvinc, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    I am booked for my Ps at Botany this Saturday with my postie bike.

    Does anyone know if the instructors are tough there? I dropped in at lunchtime today to look at the place and noticed that the blue lines for the swerve test seemed to be quite far apart. I did my test at Clyde and the blue lines were definitely a lot closer.

    Unfortunately, I only bought my postie last Sunday and only rode it once home. I haven't practiced much since I have been overseas for holidays and for work and since I failed once, my nerves aren't quite there either.

    Anyway, I have confidence in my postie and hope I have good news to report. In the meantime, due to sour grapes, I would prefer not to hear of any more "Woohoo, I passed my Ps and I could have done it with my eyes closed" ](*,)
  2. i would assume the blue lines are a standard distance apart at every center!
  3. I did my p's there, all good the guy was very helpful. Got a perfect score. Just remember your head checks and you will be fine
  4. How did you go?
  5. No good. I missed a cone and failed the uturn due to nerves. The instructors were really nice though.

    I had a scary time riding the bike to Botany. Riding on the Southern Cross Drive, my bike decided to lose power, dropping from 80 to 60 and then to 40. Not good when there are big trucks around going faster than 80. As soon as I came off the highway, it decided to stall. Managed to start it again, and then stalled trying to turn right. I had to wave the line of cars to pass me. After stalling another time, I decided to move the bike off the road.

    The bike looked fine and there was fuel. After half an hour, and trying to start it for an eternity, I decided to look in the fuel tank. I noticed a black stick in the middle of the tank and the fuel was below the line and then realised that it must be low on fuel. Switched it to reserve (first time ever) and it started straight away. Rode to a fuel station and topped up the tank.

    I blame it on that ! but it was probably nerves. I seem to totally lose it when being watched and tested.

    Anyway, it was my first real ride on the postie and I was not impressed with the brakes nor lack of power. There are quite a few crazy drivers constantly cutting in my lane and it was a bit touchy trying to stop the postie. I kept my buffer but due to the lack of power and poor brakes, I really needed to be vigilant.

    I have not ridden my Husky SMR 510 in peak hour traffic but the acceleration and brakes makes it a much easier and safer bike to ride. So much for thinking about keeping the postie for commuting !

    Anyway, must dedicate time to practice. It almost feels like a chore to get the Ps and I am losing patience and interest.
  6. Bummer :(

    You should come along to the learner sessions in Homebush on Saturdays. Great practise and good fun :)